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List View


Work orders may be sorted on Number, Site, Type, Part/BOM, Multiplier, Order Number, Status, and Completed Date by clicking the filter heading. You may filter for work orders that match specific criteria by typing a value in the text field or selecting an option from the drop-down list. Clicking the Clear Filters button will clear your search. Any filters that are applied in list view will carry over to the List Navigator in the detail view.

Advanced Search
Click the magnifying glass in the upper left corner of the column header bar to open the Advanced Search feature. This allows you to search for work order records based on more specific information, including the following:
Standard Fields
  • Work Order Number, Work Order TYpe, Status, Line Type, Part Name, and Part Number.
Order-Level Custom Fields
  • These may be managed in the Settings menu. Click here for more information about custom fields.
Line-Level Custom Fields
  • These may be managed in the Settings menu. Click here for more information about custom fields.

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Work Order Detail View

The work order number will be the main sub-tab. Here, you may view the order information, bill of materials, site and location, important dates, and line items associated with the work order. Only the line item quantities may be edited. The badge at the top right of the module navigation bar will indicate the work order status. See the Order Statuses page for more information on how statuses are used to manage work orders.

  • If the work order derived from another order, such as a purchase order, it will be hyperlinked here for quick access.
  • The output part will be displayed here and hyperlinked for quick reference.
  • The number of times the work order is to be executed will be shown here.
Work Order Type
  • Standard - a standard work order is designed to consume input parts and create the associated output part(s).
  • Deconstruct - the deconstruct type work order is designed to consume the output part and extract and re-create the input parts.
Site and Location
  • The destination site and location for the final parts will be displayed here.
Created On and Issue Date
  • These dates refer to the dates the work order was created on and issued.
Line Items
  • View the line type, status, part number, part name, unit quantity, and total quantity for each line item.
  • For more information on line items, continue here.

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Module Navigation


  • The bill of materials number and name will be the title of this page.
  • View and edit all of the information pertaining to the bill of materials, including the input and output items.

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The associated pick records will be displayed on this sub-tab.

  • While a record cannot be created from this page, records are hyperlinked for quick access to that specific record in the appropriate module.

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This sub-tab allow you to upload and download any pertinent documents you wish to associate with a work order. See our Documents page for instructions on how to upload and download documents in LOCATE.

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Any reports associated to the Work Orders module will appear in this sub-tab.

  • For more information on associating reports, continue here.

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Any custom fields pertaining to a sales order will reside in this tab. If a custom field is required, it will be necessary to fill out when creating a sales order.

  • To learn more about custom fields, continue here.

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  • Clone Work Order - Creates a new work order with the same information as the selected work order. Only the work order number and timestamp will differ.
  • Issue Work Order - Once the work order is ready for processing, you will need to issue the work order. Issuing a work order activates the input line items to be picked.
  • Pick Work Order - Creates a pick record and redirects the page to the Picking Module.
  • Unissue Work Order - This actions disables items in a work order for picking and allows edits to take place.
  • Audit - View the history of modifications made the work order record, including the user who made the modification and when it occurred.
  • Void Work Order -
  • Delete Work Order - Removes the work order record from the list view and archives the record in LOCATE. This action cannot be undone in the list view.

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Create Work Order

Work orders are created by building parts to stock, or issuing sales orders which have light manufactured configurable parts.

  • For more information about building parts to stock, continue here.
  • For more information about configurable parts, continue here.

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Issue/Unissue Work Order

Once a work order is ready to be processed, it will need to be issued. Issuing a work order prevents editing line item quantities. Input items on the order are sent to the Picking Module to be pulled from their various locations. Note that a work order may only be issued from the site on the order. For more information about sites in LOCATE, continue here.

Issue Work Order

  1. Navigate to the work order to be issued.
  2. Open the Actions Menu and select Issue Work Order.

Now, the input items are ready to pick.

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Unissue Work Order

If the quantities of a work order need to be changed, the order may be unissued. A work order may only be unissued if the pick has not been started, or if it has been voided.

  1. Navigate to the work order to be unissued.
  2. Open the Actions Menu and select Unissue Work Order.

The work order line item quantities are now available to edit.

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Clone Work Order

Cloning a work order maps the details of the original work order to a new one. The work order will have a different order number, time stamp, and no associated documents. The work order may be in any status to be cloned, and the resulting order will be created in the unissued status.

  1. Navigate to the work order to be cloned.
  2. Open the Actions Menu and select Clone Work Order.

You will be redirected to the new work order where you may continue with issuing.

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Delete Work Order

A work order may only be deleted if it is an unissued Build to Stock or Deconstruct type work order.

  1. Navigate to the work order to be deleted.
  2. Open the Actions menu and select Delete Work Order.

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Void Work Order

A work order may only be voided if it is in an issued status, and the work order pick has not been started.

  1. Navigate to the work order to be voided.
  2. Open the Actions menu and select Void Work Order.

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