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Release Notes

Release Date: 12/19/19


LOCATE is switching payment processors and we will need to re-collect credit card information from each customer. Our team will start reaching out this Friday to your accounting departments to collect the necessary information. If you want to get ahead of the game, you can use the secure DocuSign link below to fill out your information now.

Note: We will not charge your card until your next billing date, we are just updating the information in our new system so there are no delays on the next cycle.

It’s important that we get this information updated ASAP to prevent any delays in service. Also, if you know your accounting contact has changed, please also alert us to the best person to contact for billing notices or inquiries. Update Payment Info Now


  • Payment terms - added 'Audit'
  • Added "Allow Saturday Delivery" flag on carrier service level
  • Added 'Balance' as optional column to customer grid
  • Contacts page is now paginated
  • Added 'Inactive' status for Customers. Changing the customer's status to 'inactive' prevents and kind of transaction in LOCATE until the customer is switched to an 'active' status
  • Exposed Trash Can icon
Email Accounts
  • Added 'Audit'
Email Templates
  • Exposed Trash Can icon
  • Exposed Trash Can icon
  • Added 'qty on order' column to over-allocated dashboard
  • Added confirmation prompt to inventory add - this will ask the user to confirm that they would like to add $$$ worth of inventory to the selected location prior to completing the add
  • NEW Quote Notifications! - added notifications for 'Quote Won', similar to the SO settings Notification 'SO Complete'
  • Focus cursor - this automatically set the cursor on the Enter/Scan Serial Number field when the serial tracking select modal pops up
  • NEW On the Pick by Order screen, you'll notice new icons to indicate whether the order is fulfillable. These definitions are also available within LOCATE when you hover over the icon.
  1. GREEN Check Circle = Completely Fulfillable
  2. YELLOW Minus Circle - Partially Fulfillable
  3. RED Exclamation Triangle = Partially Fulfillable, but the order must be shipped together due to the order's fulfillment plan (single shipment)
  4. GRAY X Circle = Not Fulfillable
  • NEW Added ability to use Shippo to 'estimate shipping'
  • Added Part Name filter
To Dos
  • NEW Priority - you can now set the priority on to-do's
  • You can now create to-do's directly from a Customer/Vendor
Transfer Orders
  • Added 'Allow Saturday Delivery' flag

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  • NEW Faire - Faire is reimagining retail with a curated wholesale marketplace that connects tens of thousands of local retailers with the best makers
  • Shopify - New setting added to auto-add billing/shipping addresses to existing customers.
  • QBO - added support for date driven Terms


  • GRIDS!!! - Added to Transfer Order module!!
  • Canned Queries - Canned Queries allow you to easily access commonly requested data that is hard to get to for use in rules.
  • There is a new custom field type, calculated. These custom fields allow us to write custom queries or users to take existing data and perform basic calculations with it to create new auto-updated derivative columns in LOCATE. This is a powerful feature when combined with grids as they can display these new values en mass. These new custom field types come with several new operations for the rule module (run sql and canned query).
  • Services - added service offering to the service details.
  • Added additional handling for address validation for other countries


  • Sales Order Export -corrected issue with the excel report dropping custom field values

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected build and deconstruct from pick work order modal
  • Vendor currency now populates in the PO currency field
  • Added handling to CSV Export for deleted "groups" relationship
  • Added handling to Salespeople search dropdown for incomplete names (no first name/last name)
  • Added Save button to New Customer Modal in SO creation screen
  • Pick By Order Fulfillable flag corrected
  • Added part details to the Manual pick screen
  • Services that do not have any settings now hide the categories unless more than one section is present

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