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Release Notes

Release Date: 9/13/19


  • Ledger now shows totals for debits and credits.
Bill of Materials
  • Bill of materials can now have 0 qtys on them. These act like template lines for variable yield/input lines.
  • Added sort_order to bill of material and WOs generated from that BOM will be in the same order

Added purchasesupplytype_id to bill of material lines to pre-configure BOM outsource supply types on BOMs

  • Added country and country division custom fields
  • Added Groups to the customer dashboard. This allows users to quickly see which groups a customer is currently and with quick access to manage these groups as well.
  • Added Shipping Address Attention Field on the new customer screen.
Email Templates
  • Set Buyer Contact Email as email for use in Email Events for SO (added for Sales Order completed event)
  • Added the ability to filter for a new part in the inventory module, while you are already viewing a part.
Manufacture Orders
  • Added ability to add inventory part to MO if it has a default BOM
  • Added Inventory tab in part module for NLM bundles
  • Added option to see line item number from order on pick screen
Purchase Orders
  • Override Line Date toggle - we've switched the default selection from "No" to "Yes" and want to make sure users are aware of the change.
  • Adjusted the scheduled fulfillment to update to that day's date on cloned orders
  • Override Line Date toggle - we've switched the default selection from "No" to "Yes" and want to make sure users are aware of the change.
Return Orders
  • Deconstructable LM bundle items can now be returned
  • Added Ability to Auto-Set Priority on Output SO from RMA
  • Exposed child lines on RO for NLM's
  • Estimate Tax toggle - we will auto-enable tax estimation on RMAs and not do so for RTVs. This should be the desired functionality and better mirror SOs/POs. However, the estimate will now turn off automatically if the customer is tax exempt. An icon will appear next to the tax estimation on the order informing the user why the tax was not estimated if the order was set to estimate tax = yes.
  • Updated carrier pricing rules to be applied on pass through shipping for dropship shipping charges. This will apply the rules if the carrier specified for the dropship has a pricing rule.
Sales Orders
  • Adjusted the scheduled fulfillment to update to that day's date on cloned orders
  • Added Completed Date to the SO profile.
  • Override Line Date toggle - we've switched the default selection from "No" to "Yes" and want to make sure users are aware of the change.
  • Added ability to copy Buyer Contact into the Attention fields on the Billing/Shipping Address during order creation.
  • Pickup source (which user performed the pickup) now shows in the Operations tab of the order.
  • Added setting - Strict Payment Term Enforcement. When enabled LOCATE will prevent the issuance of sales orders without a payment term that do not have a payment term established and no full pre-payment is recorded. If a payment term is established then no pre-payment is required to issue the order. The setting is off by default.
  • Added ability to bulk edit line custom fields on order.

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  • Added daily_fulfillment_cutoff_time to site endpoint. This sets the time (based on the timezone for the site) at which orders will go out the next day instead of the current day. When lines are added to quotes/sales orders and this field is populated for the site the line will be fulfilled from (explicitly or through auto-routing) LOCATE will calculate the scheduled fulfillment date based on this criteria.
  • Enabled pickfaces at custom location types.
  • This module (found under Accounting) provides users with more visibility into how taxes are calculated and applied, with quick access to tax-related reports and order tax line details.
Transfer Orders
  • Added Ledger tab
Use Orders
  • Added Line Priority sorting.
  • Added progress column in the use order table.
  • Added ACL's surrounding Use Cases.
  • Added Audit action.
  • Updated 'New User'
Work Orders
  • Work Order qty updates/creations now permit 0 qtys
  • A work order only needs a single input line with a qty > 0 to be issued
  • You can now add output type lines to work orders in issued/ready to yield status
  • You can now add serialized parts as new lines on a work order
  • Added sort_order to bill of material and WOs generated from that BOM will be in the same order
  • Exposed the work order settings for Number Formatting
  • Added Expected Completion Date Field to BOM Build to Stock Modal window.


  • Shopify - Added Tracking URL and Carrier to Fulfillment Post Back
  • Shopify - When an order is cancelled on Shopify LOCATE will now make a best effort to mirror the cancellation process as recorded on Shopify. If the payment has been refunded or voided and LOCATE can unissue the order it will do so and delete all recorded payments on the order. This will reverse the payment in LOCATE as if it never happened. The order would then be voided for the historical record with a message in the audit indicating that Shopify told us the order was cancelled and what reason they had for the cancellation. If we cannot unissue the order we will still attempt to void the order. This can cause an unnecessary customer credit to be issued which the accountant will need to deal with. This would only happen if we couldn't unissue the order (it was too far down the fulfillment process or was partially fulfilled, or no record of a refund exists on Shopify. In all cases, including if LOCATE is unable to do anything about the cancellation (order is already fulfilled, etc.) a service warning notification will be sent outlining the order was cancelled on Shopify and what action was taken by LOCATE, if any.
  • Xero - Unlocked Default tracking category values at the SO/Reconcile level so you don't have to set a value per line.
  • Xero - added Description to the bill line.
  • Zoho - Refactored Sync Code for Webhooks, removing log load and providing more robust handling of webhook syncs
  • Zoho - Enabled Syncing of Phone number extensions

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  • NEW GRIDS! LOCATE has begun adding dynamic columns on list pages with more updates to come! (Recent changes made to Parts, Orders, and Invoices!)
  • We now show custom fields on order ledgers.
  • Custom Fields - added a flag to control the copy feature. Custom fields with use_autocopy turned off will no longer clone/copy their values automatically
  • NEW Customer Created notification (Settings > Customers > Notifications) will notify a selected user/group when a new customer has been created
  • Alert notes now show on all tabs of an order.
  • Added record count on report parameters and display options boxes.


  • Customer Address List - added the residential flag
  • Account Clearing by Payment - fixed missing order numbers. general enhancements
  • Quote Report - added display option for part description
  • NEW Contact List - This report shows all contacts across customers, vendors, carriers and sites.
  • Cost Layers - added receipt/WO number
  • Customer Invoices Year over Year - fixed for imported quotes converted to orders
  • Fees by Order - fixed for fee total price
  • Fulfilled Sales by Customer/Comparison - fixed for import quotes converted to orders
  • Inbound Inventory - convert timezone on dates
  • Inventory Aging - added grouping fix on tag
  • Invoice - added carrier name to package tracking table
  • Offset Account Reconciliation - enhancements made to sort order
  • Part Account Mapping - now only shows accounts for active account service
  • Part Tags Single - URL encoding
  • Part Summary - Added payment source and status
  • Part fulfillment reports - fixed for imported quotes converted to orders
  • Pick Ticket - changed order by to use part number instead of line ID
  • Quote - changed "order number" to "quote number"
  • Receiving list - part tracking
  • RMA - added option for title of Repair
  • Sales Backorder - now uses available for pick instead of on hand
  • Shipping Accrual Reconciliation - added filters for vendors, site, reconcile number
  • SO Export Item Custom Fields - fixed format so that it shows text in export to excel, checkboxes now have yes/no instead of 1/0
  • SO Summary - add column for total invoiced, so alert
  • sub pack cartons - display fix for lines without tracking
  • Unearned Rev - Added customer and customer group filters
  • NEW Use Order Export
  • Use Order Report - added scheduled and expected dates
  • WO Report - fix for deleted WO lines
  • Sales Qty by Month - fix for deleted QB service causing duplication
  • Packing Slip Report - corrected cut off issue
  • Part Default Location Export - Shows the default location set for a part at each site.
  • Update Inventory by Part Report - updated value calc to match current inventory report
  • Purchase Order Report: Drop Ship POs for Child Customers: Show Parent Customer Name in Shipping Address
  • NEW Bundle Report - Displays the number, name, description, dates and line item information for a specific bundle part.
  • Use Order Summary - added customer name
  • Packing Slip order info table - fix for multiple deleted instances of the same carrier service causing failed to run error
  • Cycle Count Report - new part, part group, location filters, format as single page option
  • Tracking Audit - added optional date filter
  • Account Detail - general enhancements
  • Pick Report - Update subreport for Tracking Values to properly show tracked values throughout the picking process
  • Part List Report: Part Status Parameter Does Not Correctly Filter for Archived Parts
  • Sales Order Summary/Export - add columns for SO total fees, SO total discounts, prepayment amount, payments received
  • Site and Class filters on accounting reports

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected error when trying to add duty percentage to part
  • Cloning an quote with a new customer now references the new customer's tax exempt status
  • Return Orders - Corrected error with reference numbers not populating to QBO
  • Corrected Serialized column filter
  • Added error message when trying to add a vendor part number for a vendor that already has one on the list
  • Updated order line qty alert for new presence of quote line status
  • ​In tracking set modal: we now ignore the tracking values that are not required i.e. (required=0)
  • ShipStation - Use orders with no shipping address in LOCATE will no longer be sent to ShipStation
  • Fixed issue with Standard Cost updates
  • Updated handling of incomplete/deleted reconciles.
  • Display Order Number for Repair Work Orders
  • Deleted Sites no longer remain on list of Site Valuation
  • The audit for part site details is now using the correct partsite_id
  • Added Warning on Deactivation/Deletion of Xero as an Accounting Service
  • Added dynamic sort option to grids (+ or ,)
  • Corrected error when calculating percentage discounts on POs
  • Corrected error surrounding unlinking of grouped pickiline from Pick
  • Updated expected_total_cost on Reconcile Lines to honor currency total precision for rounding
  • Updated PO Line Total Calculation for Sub $0.01 values on BOM Outsources
  • Sales Order Report - corrected issue with button tooltip (+ button)

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