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Release Notes

Release Date: 7/12/19


  • The Customer Default Fulfillment Plan field now copies to orders. Note: editing the default fulfillment plan for a customer will not effect any existing orders, even if they are unissued - it will only effect orders moving forward.
Cycle Count
  • Added ability to 'add' inventory as another option to 'adjust'
Email Templates
  • Added ability to access Parent Company email addresses when sending email template to associated Children in email modals.
Purchase Orders
  • Added 'Expected Delivery Date' to the PO Profile screen.
  • Added 'View Inventory' (modal) option on the PO line add.
  • Added ability to duplicate a PO line item to the same PO as a new line item.
  • Added ability to bulk void lines.
  • Added ability to 'lose/win' per line on Quote > SO.
Sales Orders
  • Added ability to duplicate a SO line item to the same SO as a new line item.
  • Added ability to bulk void lines.
Use Orders
  • LOCATE now supports the calculation of use tax on use orders. To enable this on a given use order activate the calculate_use_tax flag on the use order. LOCATE will estimate tax on the use order using the "average cost" for the parts at the use order site. Upon Use Order completion LOCATE will submit a final tax report for the actual cost of the items used. LOCATE will write a J/E entry between the new "Use Tax" mapping and "LOCATE Tax Liability" account. useorder/modified is now being broadcast like other orders that calculate tax.
  • Added support for inventory-collection selection modal.


  • NEW Handshake
  • Shopify - Product properties in Shopify that have the same name as a custom field on sales order lines will now map and import.
  • NEW Square POS - BETA - The integration currently supports order import. This is considered a beta level integration. Orders will be imported and auto-fulfilled. We do support location cross-mapping between Square and LOCATE using site names and location names in Square. Only completed and fulfilled orders will be imported.
  • NEW SquareSpace
  • NEW TaxJar - sales tax calculations. For companies that might need a more robust tax calculations based on their nexus and tax reporting requirements, we now offer TaxJar as an alternative to Taxify. This integration is not included in your LOCATE subscription and companies that choose to use TaxJar instead of Taxify will be subject to all fees associated with the integration.
  • NEW XERO!! - We are officially in beta testing with Xero! NOTE: Our support for QuickBooks Online and Desktop will not waver with the addition of Xero. We are simply expanding our current accounting offerings to include more options for LOCATE users.


  • NEW MO Line Import - this is a Create Only import to be used to add lines to existing MO's.


  • NEW GRIDS! LOCATE has begun adding dynamic columns on list pages with more updates to come!
  • NEW Bulk File Uploads!
  • NEW Solutions! The Question Mark (?) icon in the top right-hand corner now provides a link to Solution articles.
  • NEW Auto-Incrementing Tracking Values - this feature opens up the ability to submit values for inventory adjustments to auto-incrementing type tracking. This is important to have this ability for cycle counts. If a value is not provided we will do the auto-increment.
  • When clicking into a filter field, the first item on the list is no longer automatically highlighted/selected when you click into it, so users can name tab through the filter fields without selecting the first item.


  • Added additional support for custom fields on reports.
  • Bill report - corrected for TO Reconciles
  • Pick Ticket Traveler Label - added order 'Issued Date'
  • NEW - Product Demand - The Production Demand report will show what Light Manufactured Bundles or BOM parts (parts with a default Bill of Material assigned) are needed to fulfill current orders. This report is especially powerful when used in conjunction with the new Manufacture Order Line Import.
  • Return Order Export - updated Vendor filter
  • Use Order report - added option to hide bundle items for light manufactured inventory bundles

Bug Fixes

  • Updated PO line repopen logic.
  • The Printer Log Cancel button is now only visible on jobs that are not in a 'complete' status.
  • Corrected error with unarchiving parts.
  • Added 'working' icon to WO and MO modules to indicate page is loading.
  • General improvements made to Print Events.
  • Vendor Pricing Rules - you are now able to create a custom input for 'field A' under advanced actions modal
  • When pass through shipping is enabled on an order and a pack is voided, the carton's on that pack (if they had shipping costs) no longer are passed through on the invoice.
  • When a part is in a collection, that part's inventory no longer is doubled.
  • Updated handling for Google Single Sign On feature.

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