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Release Notes

Release Date: 6/14/19


  • You can now pay a deposit against purchase orders with the Purchase Order Prepay action. This will create a deposit type reconcile and, when that’s finished, a deposit bill in QuickBooks. Once the Purchase Order’s bill is reconciled in LOCATE, any prepayments will be distributed across the final bill as it syncs to QuickBooks.
  • NEW Credit Memo Invoices: A new invoice type has been added for Credit Memo Invoices, as well as a new status (Credited).
  • Classes on Fees and Discounts: When a fee or discount is applied to a line or order, LOCATE will use the class in closest proximity* to the fee/discount when syncing the fee/discount with QB.
    • * First we will check the fee or discount itself for a class, then the line it's applied to, then the order.
  • NEW Payment Clearing Account - LOCATE will use a new Payment Clearing account to pivot funds used for partial payments against invoices. Previously LOCATE would pivot the money back through the payment method's clearing account, but as we have expanded the types of accounts available for this, some of these types are not valid for making partial payments against. To resolve this we have created a restrict Payment Clearing account limiting the account options to just those that are applicable (Other Current Asset). This account should carry no balance.
Bill of Materials
  • Added Work Order History to BOM Orders Tab.
  • Custom fields from BOMs now copy to WO/MO lines.
  • Added Default Payment term - this is now pre-populated by the UI on customer create.
  • NEW Update Customer Type - Added ability to change the customer type from 'individual' to 'company'. note: this only works individual -> company, not the other way around.
  • Added filter by 'default bill address' and 'default ship address' options in Customer Grid.
  • Added ability to remove all members from an existing group. There is also a permission that grants/revokes users access to this ability.
  • UI now shows "In Transit" sites on the Inventory --> Costing tab
  • NEW Buildable Qty for Light-Manufactured Bundles - Qty Available for Build and Qty Buildable represent the number of complete LM bundles that can be built based on the current Available for Sale Qty or Available for Pick Qty, respectively, of each bundle item. These qtys can be seen from the Part Inventory sub-tab.
  • NEW There is now a service view available under the Invoice action menu, when an invoice is pushed to QBO for the given invoice (pre-paid invoices and credit invoices won't have this option available), that will pull a PDF preview of the invoice as it exists in QBO. This makes checking invoices statuses and values easier than ever before.
  • NEW Return Policy Period - When enabled in the RO settings, you have the ability to set a return period of time on the Part Detail screen. When trying to create a return order past the return policy period it shows a warning on each line.
  • Added ability to link multiple UPCs or barcode values to the same part.
  • Added Cost to Part Grid.
  • Added multi-select on Part Grid. This allows users to bulk archive/unarchive parts.
  • Added "next tracking value" to pick screen based on pick plan tag.
  • NEW Print Quantity - Added ability to set the number of copies to print for print events
Purchase Orders
  • You can now pay a deposit against purchase orders with the Purchase Order Prepay action. This will create a deposit type reconcile and, when that’s finished, a deposit bill in QuickBooks. Once the Purchase Order’s bill is reconciled in LOCATE, any prepayments will be distributed across the final bill as it syncs to QuickBooks
  • Vendor Part Number is now exposed on the PO lines and is an editable column.
  • Added ability to manually add a one-time discount to PO lines.
  • Added ability to modify the Remit Address on issued PO's.
  • Added site, ship address, and remit address as optional columns to PO Grid.
  • When a new PO line is created, and no expected_delivery_date is provided explicitly LOCATE will now check if a lead time has been recorded for the part. If so the expected_delivery_date will be set as today + the lead time. If not set, LOCATE will fall back to the expected_delivery_date set on the purchase order, otherwise it will be blank.
  • Option to select all line items on PO and edit cost and qty.
  • Added Refresh button to putaway table.
  • Added linkage for quotes/quote lines to Jobs.
  • NEW Site-Specific Reconciliation - A new option under Settings --> Reconcile allows you to determine whether users who are logged into one site can see and access Reconciles from another site.
  • Added ability to remove outsource lines.
Reorder Points
  • NEW Reorder Point Generator - this feature allows you to customize the parameters to your company's needs and generate a list of reorder points for each part selected. You can then modify the parameters to adjust your results, or confirm the parameters to update the part record with the reorder fields.
Return Orders
  • Added ability to edit the return reason on an RO post-completion. There is also a new user permission that grants/revokes this ability.
  • NEW Use Return Policy: Enabling this option under Settings --> Return Orders will unlock a new section on the Part Detail screen that defines the return policy for each part. The Return Order will honor this policy and flag the line if it falls outside he part's return period.
  • NEW Added a "Repair" line type for RMAs. Only inventory/non-inventory part types can be used which are "Build Never". The workflow for this line type is Receive, Repair, Pick, Pack, Ship, Pickup. During the "Repair" step LOCATE will create a work order per qty on the line. Each work order can then be used to repair each item. When all work orders are completed (voided or successfully rolled up) the workflow will advance to returning the item(s) to the customer (Pick, Pack, Ship, Pickup). This feature is currently only available in the RO module.
  • Added "Show Inventory" to RO lines like on sales orders.
Sales Orders
  • Added part group filter in the advanced search modal.
  • NEW Require Purchase Order Number to Issue a Sale: A new setting under Settings --> Sales Orders tells LOCATE whether to require a Customer PO number upon Sales Order issuance.
  • Added WO Status to the wrench modal tool.
  • Option to select all line items on SO and edit cost and qty.
  • Added ability to link PO to SO line. This will help users in instances when you didn't use SO to PO, but would like to back fill for historical accuracy and tracking.
  • Added 'timezone' column on sites list.
  • Added 'site abbreviation' column on sites list.
Transfer Orders
  • NEW Reconciling TO's - this feature lets you "Land Cost" on an issued TO, which creates a Reconcile for the TO and allows users to add landed cost lines on the bill, such as shipping charges. These charges are then distributed across the TO lines as they are received.
Use Orders
  • Added "Reference Number" field.
  • Added Customer and Vendor create buttons on Use Order create
Work Orders
  • Added ability to edit the location on WO's post-issuance up until the order is completed.
  • Added ability to add Work Order Input Lines Post Issuance.
  • Added ability to void input/expense WO lines.


  • NEW Handshake B2B - Includes only the order import and shipment export
  • Quickbooks Desktop - Added handling to QBD to attempt to re-link invoices that become disconnected
  • Quickbooks Online - LOCATE will now use modified timestamps in place of explicit invoice checks. This will GREATLY reduce the duration of the sync for many of our QBO customers.
  • Quickbooks Online - LOCATE now copies the default Customer email on QBO invoices
  • Shippo - Added ability for carton qty and dimensions to be supplied during estimate
  • NEW TaxJar - The TaxJar integration functions identically to the Taxify integration. LOCATE will estimate tax on SOs/ROs/QOs. When invoices are issued final taxes are reported to TaxJar. ROs will credit tax returned. To setup in LOCATE, just copy the API Key from your TaxJar account (Account > SmartCalcs API) and paste it into the LOCATE service setting under your TaxJar service!


  • Added "Pass Thru Shipping" as a CSV import field for customers, it was missed when this field was added a few versions ago.


  • NEW GRIDS! LOCATE has begun adding dynamic columns on list pages with more updates to come!
  • Rules - opened up the description field to help with complex rules!
  • Rules - added ability to edit/change the % or $ of the action as well as the description.
  • NEW Live Tab Counts - All Document, Note, and To-Do tabs now have live count badges.
  • Webhook log - LOCATE now tracks the webhooks it sends (when, what the payload was, who triggered it, and what the response code was). This can be found as a new tab under Webhooks in Settings.
  • When emailing a report - added the sender's email address in the list of available options from the dropdown menu in the 'To' field.
  • Notifications - added 'Part Created' notification.
  • Added 'Active' flag to Payment Methods.
  • Added 'Created By' on Documents tab on Reports - this feature allows users to see who updated each version of an uploaded report.
  • Added Archived tag to archived parts in the part report parameter


  • NEW BOM Summary - Displays the number, name, description, dates and line item information for all Bill of Materials.
  • BOM instructions are now included in WO reports
  • Cycle Count Statistics - added filters (Line Status, Location, Part, and Site).
  • Invoice - now includes part tracking under the invoice line
  • Invoice Export - now uses invoice dates
  • Invoice Status report - now includes Source and Invoice Type filters
  • Invoice Summary - now uses invoice dates
  • Invoice Taxes - no longer includes deposit invoices
  • Margin Summary - added Order Source option for grouping
  • Monthly Invoices Year Over Year by Customer - now supports all filters from Margin Summary
  • Packing Slip - updates to tracking display
  • PO report - added option to show line item date expected
  • Receiving List - added column for Purchase Unite Cost
  • SO Export report - added columns for Order Custom Fields and Line Item Custom Fields

Bug Fixes

  • Creating a new Salesperson in LOCATE now requires unique first/last name.
  • When updating/saving a manufacturing site, you now get an alert when the 'Default Manufacturing Loc.' has not been specified.
  • SO child lines now show the serialized icon.
  • Reconcile Grid - PO total cost now populating.
  • When deconstructing a LM bundle the inventory parts in the bundle with no last cost will trigger the modal to prompt user to apply last cost unless there is a cost in the details of the part.
  • Corrected naming of settings Contact field.
  • Added handling and general updates for print events.
  • Corrected scrolling on the list partial in SO modals.
  • When creating a new carton, if you hit save and new, it now clears the form allowing you to edit the dimensions of the carton.
  • Grid Tag Filter updates.
  • Fee/Discount Modals now hide edit/delete buttons on completed orders.
  • Added handling for updating UOM.
  • When an LM configurable part has a "Serial Number" or "Expiration Date" field, all child parts no longer produces duplicates of these tracking fields created.
  • Receipt line voids no longer causing inconsistent reconcile lines/work.
  • Corrected Rule Action display issues.
  • Corrected Export button within Reconcile Module.
  • Added "Pass Thru Shipping" as a CSV import field for customers

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