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Release Notes

Release Date: 5/10/19


  • Deposit Invoice Accounting - this is for the Journal Entry (JE) for the "deposit on a SO" functionality. The invoice for the deposit goes over to QBD on the next sync, making the SO status as 'Awaiting Payment'. When the invoice is paid in QBD, the payment JE will come over to LOCATE on the next sync - the SO is now release for processing and the status changes to 'Ready for Pick'.
  • Added support for Custom Fields.
Email Templates
  • Improved the quality of auto-attached copies of emails.
  • Added deletion warning to groups when group appears in a rule (only "in group" and "not in group" comparison operators).
  • Added balance due/total to the invoice footer in UI.
Manufacture Orders
  • Added memo field on order level and line level.
  • Added support for tracking on configurable type parts.
  • Created a flag for non-inventory parts that upon receipt will be passed through the non-inventory asset account to be immediately expensed to the Purchases COGS account. If not flagged, parts will retain cost in non-inventory asset to be expensed at time of sale.
  • LOCATE will automatically set reorder points to zero for all existing sites when entering a new part.
  • Added option to pick fewest lot numbers when generating a pick plan.
Purchase Orders
  • When no address is provided when creating a PO, LOCATE will automatically use the default vendor address.
  • Billing and Shipping addresses now update when changing the Customer on a cloned order.
Return Orders
  • Memos now copy to the associated output order memo fields.
  • Added ability to add shipping type lines.
  • Line custom fields now copy to the associated output order lines.
  • Unlocked tax exempt on RO lines (for exchange lines) to allow return of tax only.
Sales Orders
  • LOCATE will now warn users when issuing an order that has an active sales tax estimation occurring (not done calculating).
  • Added ability to toggle lines to drop ship after the order has been issued.
  • Billing and Shipping addresses now update when changing the Customer on a cloned order.
  • Quantity changes now trigger pricing rule re-calculation.
  • Sales Orders with paid deposit invoices can now be voided/closed short and the remaining deposit will be credited back to the customer.
  • Added ability for users to set their locale.
  • NEW Permission added to grant users the ability to finish a reconcile.
Use Orders
  • Buildable part types will now generate a Work Order when a use order is issued, just like sales orders.
Work Orders
  • Added order level memos


  • - added new setting to allow the user to decide if the order/line details are included on the transaction sent to Authorize .Net.
  • Quickbooks Desktop - updated sync to be more efficient with invoices, bills, customer balances, and vendor balances.
  • Shippo - added support for Carrier Pricing Rules.
  • ShipStation - Transfer Orders and Use Orders can now be sent to ShipStation for fulfillment.
  • Zoho - additional handling added.


  • When uploading a CSV file for import, LOCATE will now remove all duplicate lines from the CSV file.


  • NEW GRIDS! LOCATE has begun adding dynamic columns on list pages - this feature is now available on the Customers, Parts, Vendors, and Use Order modules with more updates to come!
  • To-Do - LOCATE will now notify a user when a to-do is assigned to them through a in-app pop up and a message.


  • LOCATE Gross Profit - query/account filter now only includes accounts that are mapped
  • Outstanding Returns - fixed date range filter

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused custom list sorting to not save on occasion.
  • You can now set required custom fields on Return Orders in more places.
  • Pricing Rule/Customer Pricing flags now transfers from Quote to SO on Quote Win
  • All dynamic fees/discounts applied by a user are now made static, meaning they will not be updated - they get applied and stick and so the user will now need to manually remove them.
  • Added handling to the CSV blank fields to prevent false positives when clearing fields.
  • Added validation for when a packline is not eligible for addition to a pack - an error message now pops up instead of resulting in the creation of an empty carton.
  • Fixed ability to save line sort order on PO by part number
  • Added additional handing for Drop Ship type PO's that are linked to a drop ship line on an SO.
  • The Part Alias now displays on Return Order reports and transfers to the output SO.
  • Added delete validation to prevent the orphaning of objects (to-do's) linked with schedules.
  • Adjusted the estimation and calculation processes for Taxify in LOCATE to encompass the required splitting of exempt/non-exempt tax calculations into two separate tax transactions as Taxify requires. This will correct the non-taxable sales values reported on Taxify reports.
  • Issuing a PO no longer clears out the vendor part numbers.
  • Corrected timing issue between Taxify and LOCATE regarding SO's that are Invoiced By Order
  • Added handling for single date searching in custom fields.
  • Corrected Address Book Permissions/ACLs regarding deleting.
  • Part Serialized Tracking Delete Confirmation now shows Label instead of the Field Name.
  • Added handling for packing serials for same part and multiple order lines.
  • Updated order merging to re-sort the lines - merging quotes and orders now appends the new lines at the end rather than sharing the sort order.
  • Alias deletion no longer makes the Customer unsearchable in the SO Customer search box.
  • Validation added to prevent users from creating duplicate serial numbers when correcting serial numbers in LOCATE.
  • Updated Sales Based statistics to operate off of invoices rather than sales orders.
  • Added void exclusions to all Purchasing statistics.

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