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Release Notes

Release Date: 4/05/19


  • Added the service code to the shipping log sub-tab.

  • Added Salesperson column.
  • Added ability to multi-select addresses from the Address Book for deletion.
  • Added Salesperson column to the Customer list view.

Cycle Count
  • Added 'Completed Date'.

  • NEW Added ability to clone discounts.

Email Accounts & Log
  • Added Object associations to the log details screen so users can sort/search by email event object (sales order, invoice, receipt).

Email Templates
  • Added an active flag for email events to enable/disable them.
  • NEW Invoice/Paid email event.
  • Added support for multi-object relationships, i.e. sales orders from ships or cartons from packs.

  • Added tracking data to part audit.
  • Added a single tracking search filter for all tracking types. Due to the nature of tracking data, searching will return matching results across ALL tracking values, not just the column in which the search value is entered. (e.g. if there is Lot number and UID number, searching "123" in either field will return values where Lot = 123 AND values where UID = 123)

  • Added support for alias data.

Manufacture Orders
  • Added a setting to let users change the default yield location.

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  • Part clone now includes part group associations.
  • Added UOM column to part module.

  • NEW Pick by Destination - from the pick creation screen, users can now select By Destination to create picks by site or destination address.
  • Pick Settings - added "Auto-Group Picklines" - when enabled, LOCATE will combine non-tracked picklines of the same part into a single pickline.

  • Added Docs sub-tab.

Purchase Orders
  • Attention field now auto-populates with the Ship To name.

  • Added caching to increase loading speed.

  • Added ability to merge quotes when the Customer is the same. Note: quotes must be either in Proposal or Negotiation status in order to merge.

Return Orders
  • Custom fields now auto copy from RO to Output SO.

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  • Added ability to link reports to the salesperson module.

Sales Orders
  • Custom fields pertaining to an inactive service are now hidden.
  • If a SO has a Customer PO number on it, when creating a Return Order from the SO, LOCATE will pass the Customer PO from the original SO to the RO.
  • Recurring Payments - users can now set an arbitrary payment method to be used for recurring type sales order payments. This is useful for other automated payment options that don't run through LOCATE like wire transfers, mailed in checks, or credit cards processed through other services.
  • Notes on SO drop ship type lines now cope to PO for drop ship.
  • Added ability to edit the Billing Address on all SO statuses.
  • Added ability to search by Total Price/Payment on the SO module screen.
  • Added Total Tax and Customer Tax Exempt status as optional filters.
  • Line Fulfillment date now copies from SO to Fulfillment date on Drop Ship PO line.
  • Added permission-based ability to modify the 'Estimate Tax' and 'Estimated Total Tax' flags on un-issued orders. When you flip the estimate_tax flag we will remove all existing tax records. If it is being set to NO, this will result in $0 tax. You can then manually set the tax to whatever you like. If it is being set to YES, the whole order will be re-estimated and result in whatever Taxify provides.
  • Added 'Buildable Quantity' display to the SO Quick Add. LOCATE will now calculate the quantity buildable for LM items as the are being added to a SO, as well as 'Quantity Available' (based on the availability of components) for Non-LM Bundles.

  • Added Docs sub-tab.

Supply Chain
  • Added ability to set up supply chain between vendor sites.

  • NEW - added new permission "Can View Costs" - this grants the holder the ability to see costs for parts.

Use Orders
  • Added ability to create and edit shipping terms.
  • Added 'Show Inventory' drop down.
  • Added advanced search for custom fields.
  • Added Scheduled Fulfillment date / Expected Delivery dat.

  • Added ability to merge vendors.

Work Orders
  • NEW Users can now create a WO without starting from a Bundle/Configurable/BOM. This allows users to create a WO and just add the lines needed.
  • Added ability to delete a line off a WO before it is issued.
  • Added ability to add/update unissued lines on unissued WO's.
  • Added memo field.

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  • Added additional warnings to all service delete requests.
  • LOCATE can now import custom fields for sales order and sales order line through the database direct shopping cart integration. The fields must be aliased as "custom_" and the api_field_name of the custom field. The API field name is generated when a custom field is first created and remains constant through field name changes to ensure the integration won't break during updates to fields.
  • NEW - Refunds! Users can now issue refunds on payments made in LOCATE via the Authorize/net service, provided none of the order has been fulfilled.
  • Quickbooks Desktop - the LOCATE Customer Number now syncs over as the Customer Account Number.
  • Quickbooks - added a setting to control whether invoices are flagged for printing or not.
  • SellBrite - added handling for bundled items.
  • ShipStation - added ability to use a field map to override how fields are mapped in ShipStation, including changing which values are placed in which custom field positions. This is something that must be performed by LOCATE staff.
  • Shopify - updated Customer Number field mapping to prevent confusion with duplicate fields that appear on customers, orders, etc. This allows users to use the customer note field to contain your customer number in Shopify. Example: If you wanted to use the customer note field to contain your customer number in Shopify you would enter "customer.note" as the field mapping setting value.
  • Zoho - general updates.

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  • Added 'Attention' field to imports that include customer/vendor default addresses.

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  • NEW GRIDS! LOCATE has begun adding dynamic columns on list pages - this feature is now available on the Customers, Parts, Vendors, and Use Order modules with more updates to come!
  • NEW Users can now filter by Service in the Custom Fields sub-tab within modules.
  • Added clarity to the Advanced Search Custom Fields to help differentiate names with similar descriptions. (Tags: Shopify, Tags: Other Shopify, Tags: The OTHER Other Shopify)
  • Added Audit action across all modals.
  • Added prompt to Report delete - users must now manually type in DELETE to remove reports.
  • Added ability to multi-select "default" parameters. This allows a user to run a report for "part type is inventory" or "part type is inventory or service".
  • Added "Status Page" to the drop down Help Menu. This page shows a list of all LOCATE systems and their operational statuses, along with response times and a list of incidents reported. From this page, users can sign up to receive email notifications whenever LOCATE creates, updates, or resolves a system incident.
  • Added Salesperson filters on reports.
  • NEW Added validation rule to indicate when Customer/Order Tax Exemption are out of sync. This applies to quotes, sales orders, and return orders when a customer's current tax exemption status and the taxable status of one or more lines on the order do not align.
  • LOCATE will no longer clone the tax exempt flag on a quote or sales order. This is to ensure that cloned orders automatically begin calculating tax as the order is updated/changed. Previously the flag from the original order was maintained which caused issues with eCommerce orders being cloned which have estimate_tax set to off by default to prevent conflicts between eCommerce tax calculations and LOCATE tax calculations.

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  • Account Detail - added Return Order Number
  • Current Inventory - added 'buildable qty'.
  • NEW Deleted Records - this report shows all records that are soft deleted within LOCATE, with information on when it was deleted and by whom.
  • Purchase Order - default value for Order-Level Custom Field now shows on PO report.
  • Serial Number Label - 1x2 - modified to print on Avery 5160 sheet of labels
  • Shipping Accrual Reconcilation - updated to handle re-reconciles.
  • SO Summary - added State filters.
  • SO Summary - added columns for Invoiced $, Remaining $, and Order Class.

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Bug Fixes

  • LOCATE now hides Part Site Details if the site has been soft-deleted.
  • SO to PO function now factors in Qty field (bundles).
  • Added additional handling for searching by Tracking in the Parts Module.
  • Customer Part Number now displays on child lines when a bundle is listed on an order.
  • Site Contact Title field now exposed.
  • Updated handling on UOM on Configurables and Bundles.
  • Default Shipping Terms now copies to Quotes when listed on the Customer.
  • Corrected permission error with 'Receive Item Back' flag on RMA.
  • Cost Layer Modal Receipt Links are now Site aware.
  • SO to PO no longer results in reordering of lines.
  • LOCATE now only issues invoices related to cartons that were actually picked up.
  • Corrected typo in Customer merge modal.
  • LOCATE now prevents use of pickfaces on vendor sites.
  • Corrected Customer merge error regarding orders.
  • Renaming a default shipping part no longer updates to the old part name.
  • Create PO/SO modal now handles required fields.
  • Corrected predictive search filters in Part Attribute Set Details.
  • Customer Default Email Address no longer disappears from SO profile.
  • Updated voiding of SO to handle previously voided lines.
  • Corrected Timezone factor for the Date on email templates.
  • Added validation to Reconcile Finish for missing UOM's for Landing.
  • Default Shipping Part field now shows as editable after being modified.
  • General updates to Zoho.
  • Cleaned up Invoice Line Grouping in QBD/QBO.
  • Corrected handling of collections in the Qty On Order calculations displayed on the part Inventory screen.

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