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Release Notes

Release Date: 12/07/18


Bill of Materials
  • Added indication (like SO) on Bill of Material Lines for Archived Parts
  • BOM line add now displays stocking UOM

  • Order view can now be expanded by clicking on the [Order Type], the number of orders shown, or the expand (arrow) icon.

  • Added Margins to Invoice + Lines
  • Memos on invoices now copy over to Quickbooks
  • Notes tab now indicates how many active notes are listed.

Manufacture Orders
  • Added the Work Order Status on the lines of a manufacturing order
  • Custom Fields entered on MO now copy over to any associated WO's
  • MO Line edits now update on all associated Work Order lines.
  • When a user voids/deletes a MO line, they now have the option to void/delete MO line and associated WO or just void/delete the MO line.
  • Added ability to yield all work orders from a given MO.
  • Added ability to set the default yield location for MO's.
  • Added ability to edit the priority on an MO line. If the priority is changed and a WO is linked to the line, the WO's priority will be updated.

  • Custom Field values now copy from Pack to Invoice.

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  • Pick Finish - updated validation to require at least one line on the pick to have something committed. If nothing has been picked, then the user cannot finish it. Their only option will be to perform a Delete, which will require that they have 'delete' privileges.
  • Added enforcement for required attributes.
  • Configurable parts - when a component is deleted from a configurable part that is on an open SO/Quote, these open orders are triggered to recalculate the configurable prices. We also added handling for when a SO/Quote moves from a complete to incomplete status, any configurable part is checked against what is currently listed as the components for that part in LOCATE and then deletes any lines that are not present in our current configurable.

  • Enhanced 'fulfillable' flag - "From Order"- LOCATE now factors created picks out of inventory used on the pick creation screen to indicate whether or not an order is 'fulfillable'.

Purchase Orders
  • Added ability to set the 'Scheduled Fulfillment Date' to 'Today'
  • Added ability to clone drop ship type purchase orders. The output PO will be a standard type.

  • NEW Pass Through Shipping. This flag, now exposed in both sales orders and quotes, indicates that you want to pass any shipping cost you incur for the order through to your customer. During the fulfillment process, the shipping cost is pulled in from the selected shipping integration (or can be entered manually) and will be automatically added to the customer's invoice. You can also set a default value for this flag on each customer.

  • Module now displays 'expected delivery date' and 'scheduled fulfillment date'.
  • NEW Manual Receiving - added ability to build receipts line-by-line within the Inbound Inventory screen. This, with the 'By Vendor' and 'By Order' receiving methods, grants users even more flexibility during the receiving process.
  • Added additional alert to show when qty received is greater than expected.

  • Added ability to attach Bills to Reconciliations. This can be done in the Docs sub-tab within the Reconcile screen.

  • NEW Carrier Type Pricing Rule - adds ability to markup/down the shipping cost posted back from a carrier.
  • Email Rules - extended the values available under Advanced rule creation.

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Sales Orders
  • Custom Fields now copy from SO to WO when linked
  • Added support to copying custom fields from SO to Invoice when invoicing by order
  • Added a warning to notify user when a shipping line is added to a sales order and pass thru shipping is turned on.
  • Added 'recurring' type filter on the SO module screen.
  • Recurring Sales Order - added option to create bi-weekly recurring sales orders. This can be accomplished by creating a recurring type sales order and going to the Schedule sub-tab. From here you can select the date range of every [week], on 'x' day at 'y' time, then selecting 'Run Every Nth Time Period: 2' to create a bi-weekly recurring order.
  • Recurring Sales Order - added ability to edit the 'Next Run Date' in order to skip/postpone and optionally create an order between scheduled occurrences. This can be done from the Frequency section of the Schedule sub-tab.
  • NEW Auto-Pay Recurring Sales Orders - this allows you to link a customer payment method as the payment method of a recurring sales order. If the customer has a saved payment method, it can be selected and saved to the recurring sales order for use for payments under the Recurring Order Frequency section in the Schedule sub-tab. When linked, during the recurrence of a SO, the payment method selected will be used to auto-pay for the order (prepayment). If anything goes wrong with that payment, a notification is sent.

  • Added filters to service log list.

  • Added 'Attention' name field to Sites. example: Site name: 'BC', Attention name: 'British Colombia'.

Use Orders
  • Added "save address to customer" option.

Work Orders
  • Added ability to allow a work order to be updated and liked with a MO as a line if the following conditions are met: WO is not currently linked to MO, if MO is unissued then the WO must be unissued, if MO is issued then MO must not be unissued, if MO is in a complete status then WO cannot be linked.
  • When WO is linked to MO, changes to the WO status MUST be made from the parent MO.
  • Added ability to set/edit priority on an existing (unissued) WO
  • Added ability to set the priority when building a BOM (BOM > Actions > Build to Stock)
  • Added ability to filter WO's based on priority (WO list detail > search modal)
  • Added ability to see the MO number for WO's that are tied to a MO. This is available on the WO List detail screen and search modal.

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  • BigCommerce now requires OAuth. Click here to see setup instructions.
  • BigCommerce -credit card type now passes through from BigCommerce with the payment method.
  • Taxify - transactions sent to Taxify now include company information and customer information. You should now be able to see company, first name, last name, email, and phone when available in LOCATE. These fields should flow through to the Taxify Transactions export.

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  • NEW Part Chart of Account Mappings

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  • Added easy way to reorder lists within LOCATE. This can be found in the Custom Field Module, Sales Order Module, and more!
  • Added handling for pass through shipping on drop ship type sales orders. The Shipping Cost field on the receipt can be updated to refluct the cost of the shipment that is being received/confirmed. The user will enter this value and if the SO that triggered the dropshipment has pass through shipping turned on, LOCATE will now pass that shipping cost through to the invoice.
  • Added 'next' options to built in report date options (next day/ next week/ etc)/

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  • Adjustment History - corrected timezone error
  • Adjustment History Report - added 'order by' option
  • Discounts by Order Report - optimized the 'salesperson' filter
  • Inventory by Part Report - added 'qty deconstructable' as an optional column
  • Invoice - Carton Tracking Value is now hyperlinked to Carrier Tracking.
  • Invoice - now optionally display invoice memos
  • Invoice - removed duplicate Line Item Memo display option
  • Invoice - optimized sorting to match what is displayed on the user interface
  • Invoice - added options to show SO Number and SO Barcode at the top of the Invoice
  • NEW Invoice Export - displays invoices and accompanying line item information in an exportable single line format
  • Offset Account Reconciliation Report - added separate 'PO issue date' and 'rec date' filters
  • NEW Outstanding Returns Report - shows a list of RO's that are still waiting to have products returned against them. This report can be used to notify customers before their return labels expire.
  • NEW Manufacture Order Export Report - displays manufacture orders and accompanying line item information in an exportable single line format.
  • Packing Slip - drop ship type sales orders now display 'ship to' name instead of 'customer' name.
  • Packing Slip - updated the header subreport to no longer cover customer info if the address has extra lines
  • Packing Slip - optimized to improve runtime
  • Pick Report - updated to account for builds
  • Pick Statistics - optimized to improve runtime
  • Pick Ticket - Use Order Pick Tickets now show Customer
  • NEW Primary Fulfillment Site by State - produces a list of all states and show the list of sites that are set up for priority fulfillment.
  • NEW Purchase Order Export - displays purchase orders and accompanying line item information in an exportable single line format
  • Purchase Order Report - added option to show order level custom fields
  • NEW Quote Summary Report - shows the order and line item information for all Quotes within a given date range.
  • Return Report - now shows alias information
  • Sales Backorder - now displays a column for 'Short' qty
  • Sales Order Export - added Line Item Status filter
  • Sales Order Summary Report - updated 'qty fulfilled' to accurately include drop shipped items
  • Sales Quantity by Month Report - added 'order by' parameter
  • Transfer Order Report - added option to hide child lines
  • WO Report / WO Summary / MO Report - added option to hide costs
  • NEW Work Order Demand Report - this report shows you the demand for each of your raw goods as well as a list of the open Work Orders where that part is an input. This can be used to help plan ahead to fulfill your Work Orders.
  • NEW Work Order Export - this is a clean table export of Work Orders and their lines.

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Bug Fixes

  • Adjustments made under standard cost will always add a new layer at standard cost.
  • Added validation for Reconcile line total update when the quantity on the line is 0
  • Added enforced RO receiving permission
  • Carton Edit corrected to properly populate height and width
  • Receipts Module now displays 'Expected Delivery Date' and 'Scheduled Fulfillment Date'
  • Inventory Committed Modal link updated to navigate to the selected sales order
  • Field Map Module lines now show the Custom Field Name
  • Address Lookup within SO, PO, and Quote Create screens updated to show all address options listed for customer.
  • Work Orders now list the associated TO, UO, and WO number in the Order details if it is not Built to Stock.
  • Added option to sort Field Map Types alphabetically
  • Order Level Custom Field filter on New Pick screen updated to show custom fields.
  • Corrected typo in Field Map Module table header.
  • Uploading Document on Docs Tab no longer resets to non-default storage service.
  • Closing short a Drop Ship PO now updates the workflow on the linked SO, auto-closing the corresponding drop ship sales order line.
  • Added Reconcile Finish validation requiring at least one line with a billed total cost greater than zero to land cost.
  • Updated Printer log to remove cancel job option if the status is 'failed'.
  • Corrected double-click modal launch error.
  • Corrected linkage error for Hotkey.
  • Work Order Module now shows "No Records" message for empty table.

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