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Release Notes

Release Date: 10/05/18


Bill of Materials
  • Added "Audit" to Actions menu.

NEW Calendar
  • The calendar icon can be found on the main tab bar between the Settings and Mail icons. This lists all scheduled items in LOCATE (picks/packs/cycle counts/etc). You also have the ability to create additional scheduled events.

  • Carrier Fulfillment workflow - added two new fields - "Requires Packing" and "Requires Shipping" - these control whether or not those operational steps need to be performed when that carrier is used. If no carrier is provided on an order, a new setting will determine if the shipping operation is used. This currently affects 'sale' lines on SOs, 'checkout'/'consumption' on UOs, and 'send' lines on TOs.

  • Added Use Orders to the Orders sub-tab in the customer screen.
  • Added Invoice Due Date to the Orders sub-tab in the customer screen.

  • Added "Audit" to Actions menu.
  • Added support for Custom Fields.
  • Added additional account types for mapping: "Other Income", "Expense", and "Other Expense".

Email Notifications
  • Added an email event for when a Sales Order is ready to pick - pick/created - that can be sent to alert users of a new pick.

Email Templates
  • Added "From" address to email templates. This will pre-populate if the template is selected when sending an email in LOCATE.

  • Added "Audit" to Actions menu.
  • Added support for Custom Fields.

  • Added Group type label to the side list view.

  • NEW Added Pick Order field - this specifies the order in which locations should be checked for available inventory. This Pick Order is utilized by the Pick Plan (method, e.g. FIFO/FIFO) that was added entitled "Pick Location Order" which uses the Pick Order field to determine the first, second, third, etc, locations to check for inventory for each pick line (Note, this order operates independent of sort order).
  • Added ability to flag Stock type locations at a use_pickfaces site as pickable - this allows you to make your backstock locations pickable without needing to make them "pickfaces" since you will never re-supply your backstock.

NEW Manufacture Orders
  • Manufacture orders allow you to create and manage multiple work orders from a single place. Lines on a manufacture order will create and link to work orders to build the part or bill of material listed on the line.

  • Added ability to add alias parts to a bundle - this will show the individual alias part numbers that are included in the bundle.

Payment Terms
  • Added payment term source to the Payment Terms list.
  • Payment Term details now shows Source, Created At date, and Updated At date.

Purchase Orders
  • Added pagination to purchase order lines.
  • Added ability for the user to select multiple lines at once on a PO so they can edit certain fields or delete lines in bulk.
  • Unlocked ability to merge Drop Ship type POs as long as they have the same vendor, type (drop ship), and shipping address.

  • Added "View Inventory" option.
  • Optimized putaway view.
  • Added "Putaway Demand" field - this shows "Qty Allocated - Qty Committed - Qty Available for Pick"

  • Added setting "Use Quote Number as Customer PO Number When Blank" - When enabled, if no Customer PO number is supplied on the quote, the Quote number is now automatically set to the SO Customer PO number.

  • The pop up window for entering tracking on a receipt now includes the part name at the top of the modal.

  • Added ability to filter by Bill number in the Reconcile screen.

Return Orders
  • Added the "Available for Sale" quantity to the RMA module when inputting both an exchange item or substitute item.
  • Added ability to auto-determine the RMA fulfillment site.

NEW Rules
  • Rules can now be found under the Setup tab! This includes email, customer pricing, and vendor pricing rules.

Sales Orders
  • NEW Recurring/Subscription type sales orders - this feature allows you to schedule sales orders with a recurring frequency, including optional End Date and Auto-issuance.
  • Added ability to lock/unlock SO tax for imported eCommerce orders - if the order is un-issued, you now have the ability recalculate the taxes by clicking the 'lock' icon next to the Estimated Tax.
  • Added pop up alert message when payments fail or get declined. The message is also logged into the payment section of the sales order.
  • NEW Shippo Support for Estimated Shipping Costs - this is a new service view for estimating shipping costs on "unissued" sales orders, located under the Actions sub-tab. You can then add a shipping line with your default shipping part through this new view right onto the sales order.
  • LOCATE can now update the workflow during a part substitution on a Sales Order, allowing a user to swap a service part for an inventory part, or an inventory part for a non-inventory part, etc. Please note, this does not extend to configurable parts.

  • Added service log enhancements in an effort to be more complete in what is being logged to allow users to better trace problems/errors.
  • Added support for custom fields - this will allow custom fields from a service (classes etc.) to copy to orders imported from that service.

Use Orders
  • Added 'Available for Sale' quantity display above the Qty textbox when adding lines to a Use Order.
  • Added ability to void line items on a Use Order and/or void the Use Order itself.
  • User Order list screen now shows Customer column.
  • NEW Ability to add bundles to use orders.

Work Orders
  • Added Alert Notes on Work Orders.

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  • NEW Amazon FBA Integration BETA - please note - this integration is currently in BETA version - please double check all numbers from the service to ensure accuracy if using this integration.
  • PrintNode - added 'Print Failure' notification.
  • ShipStation - added a Service Warning Notification when a SS shipment notification fails to process. It will also store that Shipment Notification data and attempt to reprocess it each hour until successful.
  • NEW Walmart Partner Integration - ability to sell through Walmart.
  • NEW Zoho CRM Integration - ability to sync customer, contacts, historical sales data, and parts.

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  • Part import now includes barcode setting.
  • SO auto-work import now includes ability to select which tasks/operations you want to work. If none of the tasks are mapped, then all tasks will be auto-worked.
  • NEW UOM import type
  • NEW UMO Conversion import type

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  • NEW Single Sign On support added - this auto-creates user accounts via Google without the need to create a user account within LOCATE. This feature is still subject to your company's user count.
  • Added "number" filter to the following quick screens: Sales Orders, Return Orders, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Jobs, Work Orders, Use Orders, and BOMs.

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  • Added optional date range of 'All' for report filters.
  • Added ability to use custom branding on reports.
  • Batch Detail by Account now accounts for the same account as Debit and Credit.
  • NEW Customer Statement - this provides a list of invoices with the amount paid and current balance for a specific customer, and includes a table of amount due for 30/60/90 days. To ensure accuracy of the invoice balance, ensure that the accounting service has recently sync'd.
  • NEW Cycle Count Statistics - this shows the items counted for a specific time period, including the variance per part number in quantity and the percentage in dollars.
  • Invoice Status - added Sales Order Type filter and corrected timezone error.
  • Part Fulfillment Summary - updated to fix disappearing/cutoff totals.
  • Pick Ticket - corrected Order Number selection for barcode for use on use order picks.
  • PO Summary - added support for 'Expected Date'.
  • NEW RMA Summary - this report shows the return order and line item information for a specific return order.
  • Sales Order Export - added part type, alias part number, customer part number, MSRP, line type, site, and status as columns.
  • Sales Order Summary - added Alert Note as optional column.
  • NEW Service and Labor Summary - this shows service and labor lines on sales orders, work orders, and purchase orders.

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Bug Fixes

  • Set Build for Sale line on Sales Orders back to a sale line.
  • Corrected error on WO Yield when linked with a SO and "Auto-Commit Post Yield" setting is On.
  • Corrected issue with default receiving locations.
  • Auto-incrementing tracking fields now who under the Tracking tab of the Inventory Module.
  • Hid the Custom tab and added pre-flight check for a carrier id check on locked carton types.
  • "Loading" spinner icon added to sorting inventory module tables
  • Added better Email Accuont Validation to Send Email
  • Support added for E-mail notification upon entire Use Order completion
  • Added support for Notes and Docs when cloning a part
  • Unlocked ability to edit quantities on a standard PO line on a SO, as long as the PO and SO are both un-issued.
  • Contact Name search field now supports first name, last name, and first and last name searches.
  • Corrected costing issue between User sites and Vendor sites.
  • Added ability to override Customer Credit Limit permission on Quote Win.
  • Corrected error when voiding a SO line linked with a deleted WO.
  • Shopify - added post shipment updates for NLM Parents
  • Opened ability to edit custom fields regardless of order status
  • Creating a PO from an SO now requires a Vendor for each line selected.
  • Corrected landed cost issue when reconciling for a partial quantity of a receipt.
  • Filtered out voided lines from manual Reconcile list

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