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Release Notes

Release Date: 08/03/18


Email Notifications
  • Added Login button to Notification emails to help customers with multiple LOCATE subdomains.
  • Added 'Receipt Finished' notification.
  • Added 'Use Order Shipped' notification.

Email Templates
  • NEW Email Event Rules - added ability to set rules on email events. Example: you can send one email template for drop-ship purchase orders and another for standard purchase orders. Basic rules can be created and manages from the Email Template Event.

  • NEW Groups are now centralized in their own 'Groups' module. Manage membership and custom fields for all group types via Setup > Groups.
  • General updates to improve group management.
  • Enabled Custom Fields.
  • Filter search now excludes objects already in the group.

  • NEW Committed Inventory Detail modal - this shows the details of which orders have inventory committed at a given site, similar to the Allocated Inventory modal.

  • NEW Added ability to move/transfer all the parts from one location into a different location with one move.

  • Added option when cloning a part: everything about the original part is copied to the new one, including notes and documents.

  • If no Customer PO number is supplied on the quote, the Quote number is now automatically set to the SO Customer PO number.

  • Receipt line items now indicate when a Job is linked.
  • NEW Added ability to Receive by Vendor - this allows companies to receive multiple orders at once via Recept > Inbound Inventory > From Vendor.

Return Orders
  • When a Vendor address is not supplied on an RTV, LOCATE will use the Default Vendor address on file.
  • Updated substitution/exchange lines options: users now have option to use the site fulfillment priority rules to determine the best site to fulfill the output item from rather than using the current user's site.

Sales Orders
  • User-specific setting added to make "Auto Determine" always checked by default on Sales Order line add. This now persists across all sessions for that user.
  • Address Validation optimization: now auto-corrects as much user input as possible (i.e. Ln -> Lane).
  • Added toggle option for scan/barcode part lookup to line add - 'Scan to Add' - this will change the part search input to expect an exact match on part number or UPC and will auto-submit the line when a match is found.

  • New mapping field added for database shipping integrations - if a customer has a 'Parent', it will display the parent's name rather than the child's name.

Use Orders
  • Updated default line type to be "Consumption".

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  • ChannelAdvisor - updated to import Scheduled Fulfillment Date and Expected Delivery Date with orders.
  • NEW Integration with Freightview - for freight shipping. This functionality is accessed through the Action menu on the Pack and Ship modules.
  • NEW Integration with Freshdesk - this will push any flagged customer (Sync custom field) to Freshdesk. This can either be set manually or will auto-set when a customer is modified or has an email address created/updated/deleted. Company type customers are pushed as 'Companies' to Freshdesk whereas Individual type customers are pushed as 'Contacts' in Freshdesk.
  • Sellbrite - added service warning notification when SellBrite uses a fake/auto-generated tracking number when no tracking number is submitted.
  • ShipStation - the customer PO number will now appear in CustomField 1.
  • Shopify - LOCATE now copies the billing address to the shipping addres when no shipping address is present. This is to close out service only items.
  • Volusion - added support for Discounts

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  • Added 'Customer Notes' import type
  • Added import actions which govern what an import can or cannot do: Create and Update, Create Only, Update Only
  • Added QuickBooks import - this allows users to import Customers, Vendors, Items (Service, Inventory, and Non-Inventory types) via QuickBooks.
  • Added 'Salesperson' import type - this import uses the email address provided to try and find a user match for linking users to sales people.

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  • NEW Added Audit view to all Report Profiles
  • Added a pre-check to report re-uploads to skip unnecessary processing if the files are identical.
  • Scheduled reports can now be set to run and auto-save as an Excel file to Dropbox.
  • NEW Account Clearing by Payment -
  • Cycle Count report - updated to convert timezone on expiration date tracking values.
  • Discounts by Order - added summary with count and total dollar for each discount
  • Invoice - updated to support multi-currency
  • Margin Summary report - added 'Source' filter
  • Monthly Sales by State report - updated pagination
  • NEW Out of Stock report - this shows all parts that are not ic stock at a certain site, including items that were never stocked.
  • Part Expiration - added new filters: custom date range filter for expiration dates, part number field so you can see a few specific products, optional preferred vendor so you can focus on a certain group of products.
  • Part Labels by Inventory - sizes 1x4 and 2x3
  • Part Fulfillment by Customer - added 'Source' filter
  • Part Fulfillment Summary - added 'Source' filter
  • Putaway report - Added 'Quantities Committed' column
  • Quote reports - added additional fields: effective date, expiration date, MOQ
  • Sales Order report - updated to show line total price with discount details.
  • Sales Order report - updated SO custom fields supreport to hyperlink URL type custom fields.
  • Sales Order report - now includes 'Source' filter.
  • Sales Quantity by Month report - added ability to filter by salesperson.
  • Reorder Report - added 'Default Vendor' as optional column

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Bug Fixes

  • When using the part search function in SO to find a configurable part, the associated configurable child bundles no longer appear in the search drop down.
  • Cycle count no longer gets stuck at 'in progress' status if the last action was to delete a part or location from the cycle count.
  • When cloning a quote or sales order with a configurable and selecting to recalculate the price, the configurable now updates the price.
  • Archiving Parts by CSV no longer results in error when it works
  • Margins corrected for Non-Manufactured Bundles
  • Creating a Customer with an email no longer redirects and loads prior to the Default being established
  • Corrected error in the "Select Alt" function for Group Pick Child lines
  • Non-pickable locations no longer appear in the "Select Alt" lookup
  • Deleting a Report Profile linked to a scheduled run of the report now includes a validation letting the user know that they must update the scheduled run or remove it before removing the report profile.
  • Updated all eCommerce Shipment Exports to use LOCATE Sales Order numbers when referencing the order they are pushing rather than the shopping cart's order number
  • "Add Tracking" feature in the Receiving module is now disabled until all required fields are populated.
  • Shipment exports will now occur only during the normal shopping cart syncs so details should always be available.
  • Corrected error that occurs when deleting an optional date range while running a report.
  • Recent Items screen now uses the information associated with the current user logged in across all sessions.
  • Pack edit modal dimension tabs have been reordered for consistency.
  • Changing a billing/shipping address on a Sales Order to another saved address now updates the Attention field.
  • Updating a Sales Order with a dropship line now updates the Purchase Order associated with the SO.
  • All fields listed on the Reconcile can now be edited until the reconcile is pushed to QuickBooks.
  • Alias Inventory on SO New Line modal now reflects the alias' parent part inventory.
  • Updated subreport list to remove subreports that are no longer referenced in the file when uploading new copies of custom report.
  • Invoices lines now show fees (F icon).
  • Exposed Units of Measure ACL control.
  • Adding an alias part that has a customer part number to a Sales Order now results in the storing of the alias part's customer part number.

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Hot Fixes

Hot fixes are quick updates made to production outside of the normal release schedule.

8/7/18 Version
  • Updated search-ability of Groups in both Part and Customer modules.
8/9/18 Version
  • Added search-ability of Groups (Part and Customer types)
  • Custom Fields on Cartons and Carton Types
  • Available for Sale Company Optimization
  • Inventory Putaway Site View Optimization
8/30/18 Version
  • Allow editing of custom fields for all order statuses

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