Version 1.5.6

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Release Notes

Release Date: 06/29/18


  • LOCATE will now handle duplicate customer name errors from QBO. LOCATE will un-link the given customer and re-link it without user intervention.
  • Added support for part-specific "Sales Returns" account mappings - this allows the user to change where the money from a Return goes based on the Part being returned.

  • Added "Income" and "Other Income" as valid Account Types for the Customer Credit Account mapping.
  • New Customer screen - initial screen now includes the ability to add the customer's default email and telephone number.

  • Inventory (By Part) screen now includes Available for Sale quantities.

  • Added ability to search for parts by Name and Part Number in the part-list sidebar screen.

  • Pick Finish optimization - the pickup queuing process has been updated to speed up the pickup progress.

Return Orders
  • NEW added Action on the Return Order object for purchasing Shippo return labels (activated/billed upon scan). When purchased, the label is linked to the Return Order so the user can email it to a customer.

Sales Orders
  • Added ability to swap a part on a Sales Order line and optionally include a reason for the substitution. This is only available on sales orders that have been issued with no work completed or in progress on the SO line.

  • ShipStation - added setting to control Pickup - This setting lets the user decide if they want the inventory to automatically be picked up when LOCATE is notified of the shipment by ShipStation or if the user wants ShipStation to leave it in the Pickup module for the user to trigger the pickup instead.
  • ShipStation - added support for international addresses
  • ShipStation - added setting "Use LOCATE for Picking" - this setting delays when orders start to appear in ShipStation until after the first pick is completed for an order.

Work Orders
  • Added a "Ready to Yield" status to Work Orders. For a Work Order that is not tied to a transaction/order, an additional "Yield" step has been added after the lines have reached a complete status. This new action will allow you to "Yield" the WO, which triggers the order completion and creates the finished good.
  • Expense lines can now be added at any time until the work order is completed.

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  • NEW Integration with Channel Advisor. This integration allows the following: Order Import (including FBA orders), Shipment Export, and Inventory Export.
  • NEW All E-commerce integrations now include "Process Part Order Add-Ons" setting. This allows add-on items to apply to a sales order importing from an E-commerce website. This setting is defaulted to 'OFF' and must be switched 'ON' in order to utilize.
  • NEW All E-commerce integrations now include a 'Part Order Add-On' .CSV import setting.

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  • Emailed reports now include the order type, order number and customer name on the attachment.
  • NEW Adjustment History Report - this report includes ability to filter for move actions not associated to an operation on the part activity page.
  • NEW Fees by Order - this report displays all fees applied to orders within a given date range.
  • Packing Slip now includes 'Add Barcode Value' option
  • Part Sales Order History has been optimized to improve response times and speed up the query for older clients.
  • Putaway report now has Order By filter option
  • Quotes now have option to show creation date in footer.
  • Sales Orders now have option to show creation date in footer.
  • Tracking Audit report updated to hyperlink Order Numbers to Orders and Operation Numbers to Operations.

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Bug Fixes

  • Return Order last number now validates against Return Order Number format
  • Value sort on non-inventory grid has been fixed
  • CSV Export from Inventory Module no longer refers to the old column names
  • Customer End Date report parameters now apply correctly
  • LOCATE now auto-removes colons from Customer Names when syncing with QBD
  • Order Discount Percentage no longer includes Shipping Lines when a SO is modified after the discount application

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