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Release Notes

Release Date: 06/01/18


  • NEW Customer credits - you can now give a credit directly to a customer using the Customer>Manage>Payments tab. This results in a credit memo being transferred to the accounting software. The credit memo is offset against an expense account through the "Customer Credit Expense" account mapping.
  • Added ability to move large quantities of inventory using a CSV import.
  • Added CSV Import option for Part Adjustments
  • Added ability to import credit-only RO lines into LOCATE
  • Added ability to manually edit (serial and non-serial) values from the Inventory>By Part>Tracking tab.
  • NEW Added 'To Do' sub-tab
  • Orders tab now displays 'Order Type' on Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Return Orders, and Work Orders
  • NEW Quotes history now available in the Parts>Orders sub-tab.
  • NEW Added permission "Can Correct Tracking"
Purchase Orders
  • Updated Create screen to include expected delivery date
  • Updated "Set Default Bill/Ship Address" Function of PO Create to 'Use Bill To/Ship To Name' as 'Attention Name'
  • Added advanced search filter on PO list detail screen
  • Added 'Recalculate Pricing' as option when cloning quotes
  • Added 'Include Memo' as option when cloning quotes
  • Added advanced search filter on Quotes list detail screen
Return Orders
  • Order Preview Popover now displays original Customer Purchase Order number when available.
  • Added advanced search filter to RO list detail screen
Sales Orders
  • Added shipping speed to Order Preview Popover button (eyeball).
  • Added ability to search sales orders by carrier tracking number
  • Updated "Set Default Bill/Ship Address" Function of SO Create to 'Use Bill To/Ship To Name' as 'Attention Name'
  • Customer Balance icon now displays in color according to balance status:
    • Positive balance (customer owes you) = red
    • Negative balance (you owe customer) = green
    • No balance = gray
  • QBD - Added "Use Customer Name on Address Line 1" setting to control whether customer addresses have the customer name used on the first line of the address rather than mapping the 5 address fields to their corresponding 5 fields in QuickBooks.
  • Added a "Boxed On" date to Shipment Create list
Transfer Orders
  • Updated pagination to improve speed on larger-lined orders (more than 10 lines). Now, you will immediately see the first 10 lines of the TO, and the remaining lines will appear progressively as they are loaded behind the scenes.
Work Orders
  • Added 'Auto Complete' to work orders associated with a Pick
  • All unissued Work Orders can be deleted, regardless of WO type

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  • NEW Added new integration with WooCommerce. For more information on the WooCommerce integration, click here
  • NEW Added Service Based Payment Methods setting. This is a new setting available for all eCommerce integrations that allows accountants to route payments from same type eCommerce sites to different accounts by making payment methods service specific rather than sharing them across services.
  • Magento - Updated imported contacts to also include the email and phone number when available
  • Added service setting giving the ability to assign new customers to a customer group automatically
  • Magento 2.0 - bundled orders created in Magento 2.0 now carry over the SKUs of the child lines to the sales order in LOCATE
  • NEW Notification of Carrier Alias Creation. This notification is to let the user know that LOCATE didn't find a match for the order its currently importing and that it created a new alias that should be mapped.

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  • To Do List now includes 'Assigned By' filter

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  • Invoices for Drop Shipments now include tracking information entered on the Purchase Order
  • Margin Summary Report updated to exclude voided sales orders.
  • Packing Slip and Invoice now include Customer Part Number.
  • Payment Summary Report now includesa 'Type' parameter and a 'Type' field in the Display Options.
  • Pick Ticket now displays the customer Purchase Order number.
  • Purchase Order Report now has Bid Request as a new title option.
  • Quote Report now has 'Invoice' as a title option.
  • Reorder Report filters updated to Available for Sale / Available for Pick instead of Allocated / Committed.
  • Sales Order Export Report now has a Parts filter.
  • Various updates to Sales Order Report lines.
  • Sales Order Report now allows ability to add the date the order was completed.

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Bug Fixes

  • Further qualified inventory valuation data in LOCATE UI and reports
  • When Sales Orders, Work Orders, and Purchase orders are deleted, any related job lines are now purged as well.
  • Work Orders linked to Jobs now show costs.
  • Upon completion of a Sales Order LOCATE will now check for unissued Work Orders linked with that Sales Order and auto-void those Work Orders.
  • The deletion of default phone/email/addresses from Customers/Vendors no longer causes an error
  • Updated Part Orders screen to factor in multiplier of bundle line qty

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Hot Fixes

Hot fixes are quick updates made to production outside of the normal release schedule.

6/1/18 Version
  • Option to show Pack Site on Invoice-associated email template
6/1/18 Version
  • NEW Payment Gateway Integration - PayPal

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