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Release Notes

Release Date: 05/04/18


Bill of Materials
  • Added support for ordered instructions on bill of materials
  • Added section labeled Jobs under Customer orders tab.
  • Invoices now update to reflect any changes when any lines are closed short.
  • NEW LOCATE now offers a Job module (Sales --> Jobs). Sales Order, Purchase Order, and Work Order lines can be linked to a job to track overall costs, profits, and margins.

This is an initial version of jobs; functionality will expand as we receive feedback from customers.

  • Added enforcement of customer matching for quote/sales order line linkages to the Customer Job history.
  • Added the permission to Void objects.
  • Sales Order issuance address validation now has 'Override Address Validation Requirement' permission so the holder can ignore the address validation as a warning when granted.
  • Multiple pick plan methods are now available - In addition to the existing FEFO/FIFO pick method, you can now choose to have LOCATE create a pick plan based on "Fewest Locations." For this method, LOCATE will prioritize getting as much inventory from each location it sends the user to. You can change the default setting for your company's pick method in Settings --> Picking --> Default Pick Plan Method. You can also change the method for a single pick from the Pick Detail screen.
  • Added Bill Due Date on Reconciles. When set, this due date will be used when sent to QuickBooks on the bill. When not set, QuickBooks will calculate a due date based on the payment terms, if set, and bill date.
Work Orders
  • Ability to allow a Zero quantity on an output line on a work order if there is another output line with a quantity.


  • BigCommerce Orders now import shipping phone numbers into LOCATE
  • Customer-based Import Grouping from Magento updated to prevent customer merging based on billing address.


  • NEW LOCATE's home page has been updated to show each user a personalized set of information with helpful links. You will see a list of your "to-do" tasks, as well as any unfinished operations to which you are assigned.
  • Navigation updates between order types
  • NEW Ability to create To Do tasks that are linked to order, or create generic reminders for users. A users To Do list will appear on their home screen. Add a new task by using the '+' button.
  • Added the ability to email the sales order salesperson upon invoice issuance.
  • Bill of Material custom fields with the same name/type will now copy to work orders with the same field to allow for special instructions or other meta data.
  • The "Alias Part" column on Sales Orders and Quotes is now "Alias Part Name" and may be initially hidden from view. If you'd always like this column displayed, simply right-click on the table header and select "Alias Part Name" then click "Options --> Save Columns"

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  • NEW Scheduling Reports - You can now schedule reports to be emailed every day, week, month, etc. - choose a unique profile and file type to further customize the report based on your needs.
  • Margin Summary Report and Receiving History Report updated to show part name
  • NEW Work Order Summary added to display Work Order and Line Item information for all work orders within a specified date range.
  • NEW Fees by Ship To State report added to display a total for each fee, based on the ship to state of the order.
  • NEW Bundle Performance Report allows you to easily see how your bundles are selling, and to see how your inventory items are performing in bundles vs. individually.
  • Part Fulfillment report now includes State filter
  • Margin Summary report updated to account for deleted shipping type lines
  • Historical Inventory report adjusted
  • Pick Tickets - added the ability for Customer Alert Notes to print on the Pick Tickets. This will alert personnel of any special instructions/actions that need to happen for that shipment.
  • NEW Dynamic Date Range Report Parameters: Select and save dynamic ranges such as Current Week, Previous Quarter, Current Year To Date etc.

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Bug Fixes

  • Added Auto-Refresh Chart of Accounts on Balance Adjustment, that way any changes made in the modal are automatically reflected.
  • Application of the payment has been moved from Invoice Creation to Invoice Issuance to address issue stemming from voiding of order lines.
  • Carrier name/Alias handling adjusted in Sellbrite Service
  • The API will validate whether payment terms are active before falling back to the default on all orders now.
  • Added Active Email Account check to Send Email function to prevent sending to non-active email accounts.
  • Can now consume checked out inventory with tracking on a use order

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Hot Fixes

Hot fixes are quick updates made to production outside of the normal release schedule.

5/10/18 Version
  • Return order creation has been updated to pull shipping and billing addresses from the originating sales or purchase order, instead of the customer/vendor default addresses.

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