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Release Notes

Release Date: 04/06/18


  • Ability to see the journal entry of a particular batch.
  • Added a default priority field to customers
  • Ability to add a customer type group filter to Customer Advanced Search.
  • Ability to view the pickup status form the pickup list
  • Updated fulfillable dot on the pick by order list to include inventory in overstock locations when determining fulfillability.
  • Vendor Parts updated with ability to change/round up increments of parts based on vendor requirements, ie: increments of 5
  • Ability to fulfill a service line independently on a Purchase Order or Sales Order.
  • You can update the location on a receipt up until the time the receipt is completed.
Return Orders
  • The default cost on return orders (RTVs) updated to use the last reconciled cost, not the Purchase Order cost.
Sales Orders
  • Customer Part number can now be included on the Sales Order grid view.
  • Line item memos are an option to view on the Sales Order grid view.
  • Ability to edit a the shipping speed on a issued Sales Order until the order is on a pack.
  • Ability to modify the fulfillment plan on an issued Sales Order until the order is on a pack.
  • The Site Fulfillment Auto-Determine of non-light manufactured bundles will be based on child lines rather than the parent line when adding to a sales order or quote.
Use Orders
  • Ability to link a Use Order to a customer or vendor to track specific promotional giveaways and samples.
Work Orders
  • Added ability to 'reverse' on BOM Build to Stock. This would create a deconstruct type work order which reverses the inputs/outputs of the bill of material making it easier to take apart built items.This gives the ability to break down all or a portion of the quantity on this part that is on hand into it's individual components (inputs) so that they are available for sale.
  • New "Expense" type line for work orders, which are not affected by the multiplier, and can be used to expense fixed quantities of inventory goods over the whole work order.


  • NEW Added a new integration with Shippo
  • Stripe integration now uses OAuth to connect to LOCATE
  • SellBrite integration now uses Channel Order Number as Customer PO Number
  • Expanded discount handling to include shipping specific discounts in Shopify and BigCommerce
  • Updated Sales Order Receipt for to include thelast 4 digits of credit card, the auth number, and the transaction ID


  • When running a CSV import, LOCATE will now generate a CSV of all the failed import lines and attach it to the import to ease getting those last lines into LOCATE.
  • Ability to import a CSV to add line items to a Use Order.


  • LOCATE will auto-record the last location a user performed a task at and pre-populate the task's location accordingly (i.e. pack location on the Pack Create screen)
  • NEW Added options to change the font size and font type in email templates.

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  • Added Customer 'Date Created' filter option to Sales Order Summary report.
  • Updated Unearned Revenue Reconciliation to limit to only issued and paid invoices.
  • Added Site filter to Sales Order Dashboard.
  • Added the Adjustment Reason to the Part Activity report.
  • Added the Order Source to the Part Activity report.
  • Added display options to show both customer email and phone number On Quotes and Quote Slips
  • Added order number to pack statistics report
  • Updated Inventory By Part Report to support filtering to site when selected part is out of stock
  • Updated Sales Order Report to support phone numbers with less than 10 digits on Sales Order
  • Updated Sales Order Report to support customer part numbers when attached to a part alias. This field will specifically show customer part numbers as they existed at the time the sales order line was created.
  • Updated Sales & Inventory By Site report to filter out voided Sales Order lines
  • Updated Sales Backorder report to exclude shipping lines
  • Sales by Salesperson report no includes option to choose whether the report uses partial fulfillment or completed orders. Completed orders will include taxes and have order level discounts removed. This should ultimately match the total sales column on the Margin Summary when that report is grouped by Salesperson.
  • Restructured Sales Order Report Order Detail table to allow for the table to wrap to a second row if more than 6 items are selected
  • Removed Purchase Value from Current Inventory report
  • NEW Customer Aging Report

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Bug Fixes

  • Removed Closed Short and Voided lines from Back Order report
  • Created date filter on Customer shows date customer was created in LOCATE
  • Shopify Webhooks updated
  • Work Order history for a part will now display the total quantity for the work order instead of the line quantity
  • Added "Standard Cost Adjustment" inventory action to Historical Inventory report.
  • Updated fields within Email Templates
  • Added Accounting custom fields on Customer
  • Updated Chart of Account Mapping uses to include deleted items.
  • Updated accounting entry created when returning a drop-shipped part to use the right offset account.

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Hot Fixes

Hot fixes are quick updates made to production outside of the normal release schedule.

2/26/18 Version
  • Updated BigCommerce Store Credit and Gift Certificates to be Payment Methods, not Discounts

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