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Release Notes

Release Date: 03/02/18


  • Updated account mapping for Sales Returns
Custom Fields
  • When using the SO to PO feature, the values of matching custom fields will be copied to the resulting PO
  • Added ability to merge customers from the Customer List Detail screen
Cycle Count
  • Optimized part count operation
  • Added a "price" column to the Alias table in the Part Associations tab
  • The "Target Deconstruct Qty" field has been moved from the Part Detail tab to the Part --> Site/Reorder tab, meaning the field can be set at a different value for each site.
  • In specific cases, users can void a completed receipt lines (if inventory was not moved/consumed and reconcile is not completed)
  • Users may edit the billed total cost in a reconcile line. This will recalculate the line's billed unit cost.
  • The Bill Date field on the reconcile can now be modified at any time. Changing the Bill Date will update the bill's ledger entry recording dates to match.
Return Orders
  • Users can now use vendor sites on return orders, the orders will be auto-worked as with any other vendor site order.
Sales Orders
  • Users will be alerted if they are creating an SO and the Customer PO Number matches that of an existing SO.
  • When cloning a sales order, users can choose whether or not to clone the order's memo field
Sales People
  • Added a new field on the sales person called "Margin Threshold" which determines the lowest margin at which that sales person can issue an order.
Use Orders
  • Use Orders may now be cloned
Work Orders
  • Added a Notes tab to the Work Order module


  • NEW Transfer Order Line Import
  • NEW Quote Line Import
  • NEW Magento Category Import


  • NEW Added a new payment gateway integration with Stripe
  • NEW LOCATE now has a generic shopping cart integration which can be used with some shopping carts that don't have official integrations. The integration works by communicating directly with the database of the shopping cart to fetch orders to be imported into LOCATE.
  • For Magento 1.x integrations, there is a new setting called "Set Order Status After Import." When this is set with the name of a Magento status, the integration will update the order status to the setting's value after the order is imported.
  • Optimized "Qty Available for Sale" inventory query, resulting in a faster shopping cart sync
  • A new setting for QuickBooks Desktop has been added to allow QuickBooks to sync without having your company file open (logged in)
  • Payments from Sellbrite will now contain the channel in the payment method.
  • Added support for AheadWorks Gift Card plugin for Magento 2


  • If a company's license count has been reached, logging in will alert a new user that they will be kicking off another user with the least recent activity
  • Added new notifications for the creation of Payment Methods and Use Cases

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  • NEW Serial Number Barcode Labels | With options for various sizes, and filtering for serial numbers in stock in a certain site / location, for a specific part, or created by a specific receipt or work order
  • Account Detail Non-Inventory Asset | Modifications to starting balances
  • Use Order Summary | Added parameter to filter for line type (consumption vs check out)
  • Sales and Inventory by Site | Updated to factor in Work Order multiplier value

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Bug Fixes

  • Improved slow query times in the Inventory module
  • Manually creating a pick for a different site will now update the allocations accordingly
  • Added Support for SVG Part Images and Logos
  • Improved search performance in the Chart of Accounts module
  • Updated order preview popovers to support advanced memo formatting
  • Holds will be enforced for vendors on POs
  • To improve performance, the auto-work function has been backgrounded
  • Fixed notifications for paying a Sales Order deposit
  • Updated the receipt code related to landed cost accounting.
  • Added support for Magento 2 orders that only contain virtual products
  • Disabled drop ship line toggling on drop ship type Sales Orders
  • Invoice will remove associated shipping line if voided
  • Enabled sorting on UOM conversion list
  • Temporarily disabled real-time customer and vendor sync for QBO - this will now function like QBD by flagging the object and updating upon next sync.
  • Updated memo formatting to strip extraneous styles when pasting text

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