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Release Notes

Release Date: 02/02/18


  • In the Chart of Accounts Module, the P&L accounts were closed to zero as of January 1st of the current year. They will now show only the balance of transactions for the current year, matching the financials' current year Profit and Loss report.
CSV Imports
  • NEW CSV Import to issues Sales Orders
Cycle Count
  • NEW Option to Force Recount on Cycle Count Line will force the user to recount the line at that specific location
  • Additional dynamic fields unlocked for email templates - Note This requires ALL currently set dynamic fields to be remapped
  • Custom fields (and attributes, for parts) have been separated from standard fields to facilitate filtering and ease of use.
  • NEW Pricing Tab - Displays all customer pricing rules associated to the given part.
  • Non-serialized tracking can now be aded to parts that are in stock. users will be prompted for a starting value, which will be applied to existing inventory.
  • New Description field on Part Tracking
Purchase Order
  • NEW Advances Search modal added to Purchase Order list detail
  • When the Auto-Receive Dropship setting has been enabled, the presence of a Schedule Fulfillment Date will delay the receipt of that line until said date
  • An expiration date field has been added to quotes. The quote will automatically be lost if the date passes and the quote has not been won.
Sales Orders
  • Ability to assign groups to a customer when the customer is created from the New Sales Order screen.
  • Ability to assign customer defaults for carrier, service level, salesperson, payment term, and shipping term based on the data inputted on the New Sales Order screen
  • Orders can be issued with only a shipping charge
  • Ability to unissue Sales Orders when a Work Order has been completed for one or more lines
  • Added Created and Completed dates to Sales Order Advanced Search modal
  • NEW On buildable inventory parts with an associated BOM, using the Build for Sale line type will trigger a Work Order for the full line quantity regardless of current stock levels
  • When the Show Inventory option is used on a Sales Order or Quote, Available for Sale Quantity will be used when the order is unissued and Available for Pick quantity will be used after the order is issued
  • NEW Supply Chain Re-Stocking
    • Ability to resupply inventory from other sites, in addition to re-stock Purchase Orders, during the Auto PO function
  • Auto update vendor sites with the vendor default address
  • NEW Ability to manually print reports to any active printer within LOCATE (cross-site compatibility)
  • Added notification for Sales Order Deposit Paid
  • NEW Throughout the Operations process in LOCATE, users can now preview details of linked orders without leaving the current screen using the VIEW Icon
  • Advanced formatting tools are now available for order memos and line memos (bold, italic, bullets, lists, colors, etc.)

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  • NEW Offset Account Reconciliation Report
  • NEW Shipping Accrual Account Reconciliation Report
  • NEW Unearned Revenue Account Reconciliation Report
  • NEW Incoming Parts by Month Report - Shows the parts that are scheduled or expected to come in on POs for a given date range, split by month
  • NEW Margins Summary - Provides a single line total sales, margin and COGS for an option chosen from: part, part group, customer, customer group, salesperson, site
  • NEW Sales Order Receipt - An 8.5x11 format payment receipt with line for customer signature
  • NEW Tax Gap Report - Show the difference between estimated and final taxes for completed orders where these values do not match.
  • The Inbound Inventory report now allows you to group by the order number, the vendor/site it is inbound from, or the part number, and also allows you to show either the order level or the line level scheduled and expected dates.
  • The Bill of Materials report will no longer show deleted BOM lines
  • The Account Detail Report was updated to remove batch grouping
  • A toggle was added to the Pick Face report to view "restockable parts" vs "all parts"
  • The COGS values on the Sales Margin report were updated for credit-type sales orders
  • Line item display options were updated for the Invoice report
  • The Current Inventory Report and Historical Inventory Report new include a part type filter

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Bug Fixes

  • Purchase Orders can now be created from Sales Orders in the Issued status
  • Group Trash Can will filter deleted groups based on object
  • Sales Orders with only Service part will now reach 100% progress
  • When an alias part inherits drop ship data from the parent, a banner on the Part Detail screen of the alias will now indicate this relationship.
  • Part export now honors Archived / Unarchived filters from the Part List Detail screen
  • Various accounting improvements
  • Changing the customer on a sales order will update the customer link on the Sales Order Profile screen
  • The ledger on a closed-short Sales Order will show the credit memo for the balance overpaid
  • When adjustments are made during a cycle count, additional information will be supplied to ensure inventory is moved in the correct site.
  • Non-Inventory Part List will now include non-inventory gift card-type parts.
  • Non-inventory gift cards can be received
  • General improvements to running reports
  • When a new coupon from a shopping cart auto-creates a discount in LOCATE, the default tax type is now set to "no"

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Hot Fixes

Hot fixes are quick updates made to production outside of the normal release schedule.

2/2/18 Version
  • Update to non-mapped service account mappings, which were incorrectly telling users to "leave blank to use default"

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