Version 1.5.0

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Release Notes

Release Date: 01/11/18


  • New Shipping Log sub-tab is available in the Carriers module to record activity with shipping service integrations.
  • A new field was added to cartons, called "Declared Value." The purpose of this field is for shipping integrations when an estimate of the carton's value is required for insurance purposes.
  • The list view of the Inventory Activity sub-tab has been modified to hide the Running Total column when using column filters to prevent display of filtered totals.
  • Alias parts display the part image of the parent part, if no alternative image is provided.
Pricing Rules
  • Pricing rule conditions may now be edited.
  • Updates are being made to reports to prepare for use of multi-currency.
  • Sales Order Margins Report now includes a Source filter.
Sales Orders
  • Sales Order Module sub-tabs have been reorganized. The Ledger, Notifications and Documents tabs have been moved to the new "+" dropdown menu.
  • Issued Sales Orders with an active payment can now be voided, provided the Auto-Credit Customer Payment Balance Upon Order Completion setting is enabled.
  • Users may now associate a color to a site which will change the color of the Navigation Bar when they are at that site. (Not supported in IE)
Use Orders
  • The use order audit trail now displays information for item check-ins.
Work Orders
  • The Work Orders Module now includes a Ledger sub-tab to display ledger records associated to the specific work order selected.
  • Trash Can list in Sales Orders Module now includes the customer name, and in the Cycle Count Module now includes the site name.
  • New file extensions added for compatibility with SolidWorks drafting: sldprt, sldasm, slddrw, stp, and dxf.
  • Close short/void actions may be undone on issued orders.
  • Standardization of profile page titles to prevent clicking unless the record name takes you to a page that does not have its own separate tab.
  • Users may now hit "Enter" on their keyboard when prompted to confirm many actions in LOCATE. This often occurs when a user attempts to delete a line item or record. (Not supported in IE)
  • NEW Recent Activity List will display records in LOCATE which were recently viewed for easy access.
  • NEW Support added for Multi-Currency functionality:
    • Currency Module has been added in the Setup menu.
    • Global setting to turn on/off multi-currency functionality has been added.
    • Changes to purchase orders, reports, reconcile module, return orders, ledger, chart of accounts, vendor pricing and pricing rules, to support multi-currency.
    • Support for appropriate account mappings for A/R and A/P.

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Bug Fixes

  • Users unable to remove report attachment from emails in LOCATE.
  • Newly created SPS service integrations were auto-activating before completing setup.
  • Users were able to edit the unit cost of a bill of material.
  • A bug was causing duplicated child lines to appear on a Reconcile when the parent line was expanded more than once.
  • Sale-type Sales Order lines linked with Purchase Orders were not calculating final margins if the Purchase Order had not been fulfilled

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Hot Fixes

Hot fixes are quick updates made to production outside of the normal release schedule.

1/12/18 Version 1.5.1

  • The vendor order tab will now display totals in the vendor's currency.
  • An issue was resolved that was clearing custom field values from objects.

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