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Release Notes

Release Date: 12/08/17


  • Notifications may now be associated to specific service types, such as Magento.
  • Auto Pack is now available during packing. Continue here for more information.
  • New view added to archived parts in the part list view to display parts which have been unarchived.
  • The advanced part search now includes the ability to search by default vendor, and the attributes and custom fields have been updated.
  • New Associations sub-tab available to display the Bills of Materials, Bundles, and/or Aliases associated to a specific part.
  • Vendor parts and pricing may now be managed directly from the Parts Module.
  • The Part Activity report now has an optional location filter.
Return Orders
  • A new permission restricts users from choosing whether or not an item will be received back when processing a return order; all orders would default to "Yes".
  • You may now estimate tax on RMAs.
Sales Orders
  • New setting to manage the default fulfillment plan for sales orders, including those imported from eCommerce platforms.
  • eCommerce service integrations may now post the Available for Pick inventory quantity to the eCommerce site.
Sites & Locations
  • The default RMA location may now be modified and/or deleted.
  • In Transit locations will now be Custom type locations with "Move In/Moved Out" capabilities turned on, and users may select whether or not the location should be "Counted As Available".
  • The memo field is now a Textarea type to allow for additional character input.
  • Exports now include Customer Type, along with Customer to clarify individual vs. company.
  • New Trash Can feature allows users to view and restore archived records in LOCATE. Update: Releasing for attribute sets, bill of materials, carriers, custom fields, custom lists, customers, cycle counts, email accounts, field mapping, groups, payment methods, payment terms, printers, purchase orders, queries, quotes, return orders, return reasons, sales orders, salespeople, services, shipping terms, sites, transfer orders, UOMs, use cases, use orders, users, vendors, and work orders.

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Bug Fixes

  • Unable to save quote records when making changes on the Details tab.
  • Locked down ability to edit the quantity of a drop ship line on a purchase order.
  • Custom field Length Limit is only enforce for Textbox and Textarea field types.
  • The quantity of outsourced purchase order type line items appeared incorrect in the order detail pop-over on the receipt.
  • Purchase order line custom fields were not refreshing automatically.
  • Vendor sales order number was not displaying on completed purchase orders.
  • Delay in updating the status badge in the list navigator when completing a return order.
  • Parent Part field in the advanced part search pop-up was not returning results when using the parent part number.
  • Voided pick lines were showing when creating a manual pick.
  • Sync status not automatically updating after sync is complete.
  • Destination address in the Pickup Module was not displaying the state.
  • Invoices synced from QuickBooks Desktop were not using the accounting timezone set in LOCATE.
  • CSV export of custom list type custom fields was exporting the field ID instead of the name.
  • The .xlsx file format was splitting the document into multiple files and locking them into a protected zip file.
  • Return orders were not displaying the tax.
  • Ship lines with a status of Not Started were not included in the available list when creating a manual shipment.
  • Multiple pack locations was not functioning correctly.
  • The Part Expiration report was missing the display option to "Format As Single Page".

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Hot Fixes

Hot fixes are quick updates made to production outside of the normal release schedule.

12/12/17 Version

  • Editing a webhook URL was not updating.

12/18/17 Version

  • Fix made to the way accounting is handled for outsourced Bills of Materials.

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