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Release Notes

Release Date: 11/03/17


  • The invoice pre-payment ledger entry is now linked to the invoice.
  • Invoice "Sent Date" will now automatically update when an invoice is sent via email.
  • Custom field changes will now appear in the audit trail of the related object.
  • Carrier account numbers may now be added to the carrier module, and displayed on purchase orders when the shipping term is "Recipient".
  • Outbound emails may now be labeled with an Email Name to be displayed as the individual from which the email was sent.
  • Email address lookups have now be changed to display the user to which the email is associated to ensure that the correct Email Name is displayed.
  • New email events have been added: SalesorderWasCompleted, PurchaseorderWasCompleted, RMAWasCompleted, and RTVWasCompleted.
  • All exports from LOCATE will now run in the background and be emailed to the user upon completion.
  • The dimensions of pre-packed parts are now applied to the carton in the Packing Module.
  • New options to print part barcodes: No Label, One per Qty, and One per Line.
  • The parent part image and weight details will be automatically added to alias parts upon creation.
  • Alias parts may now be used as input lines on bills of materials.
  • Print events may now be linked to specific printers by location.
  • Updates to receiving partial quantities to allow the user to partially finish a receipt line and add the remainder back onto the current receipt.
  • Bill balances are now displayed on the reconciliation document in LOCATE.
  • Reconcile record details may now be edited after the reconcile has been completed.
  • Service part types may now be added to a reconciliation record as a landable or reconcile line type.
  • NEW Use Order Summary - Now available in LOCATE.
  • You may now set a time limit on how long to wait for a report to run before triggering to run in the background. Continue here for more information about running reports in the background.
  • Account Detail with Payments report can now display invoice data for payments and pre-payments.
Sales Orders
  • When cloning a sales order, the user now has the choice to use the pricing applied to the original order, or to re-calculate and apply current pricing.
  • A warning message will now appear if a user attempts to void sales order items that are in the Packing stage.
  • The ShipStation integration now includes the customer's default phone number below the billing address, as well as handling of order-level discounts upon export.
  • The Authorize.Net payment processing integration now has the option to select the billing zip code from the sales order.
  • Authorize.Net receipts now display part aliases if they were used on the order, instead of displaying only the original parent part.
  • The DropBox integration now has the option to select a default part image.
  • PrintNode integration has been restructured to increase efficiency and reduce the number of failures and re-queued print jobs.
  • QuickBooks Online now syncs Vendor balances and credit limits.
  • 3dcart items flagged with "Advanced Options" are not syncing inventory with LOCATE and updating in 3dcart.
  • When flagging a child part to sync with 3dcart, the parent part will also flag for sync.
  • When adding parts to quotes or sales orders, the user will now be given the option to select part substitutes if they have been associated to the part.

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Bug Fixes

  • User was receiving an error when using a pickline to build an inventory item for a work order using a bill of material.
  • Magento part tree node changes were not updating upon part sync with LOCATE.
  • Fix for eCommerce syncs to prevent concurrent creation and update events.
  • Query Module was filtering out duplicate column names when multiple tables were selected.
  • Payment sub-tab was not displaying the reason for failed payments.
  • Margins for non-light manufactured bundles with discounts was not calculating correctly.
  • Link to create a new pickup on the pickup detail was broken.
  • Billing address was not being uploaded into the Customer Information Management system for Authorize.Net.
  • Prepay failed to pull the pallet price(s) onto the invoice, and was only including the carton price(s).
  • Over-allocation chart was not displaying the change from Reserved inventory to Hard Allocated inventory.
  • Transfer orders to vendor type sites were not auto-refreshing upon pickup of items.
  • Unissuing a purchase order was not resetting the statuses of child line items.
  • Updating Magento part images with the Dropbox integration was causing all import of excess images.
  • Fix to the handling of items after deleting a shipment with cartons packed in cartons.
  • Alerts added to issued sales orders were not updating and appearing on the associated pick.
  • Server error upon cancellation of a print job.
  • Fix to the formatting of the "Connect Printer" link while adding a new printer to LOCATE.
  • QuickBooks Desktop sync was not importing fees on non-light manufactured bundle parent parts.
  • Receiving an error when clicking OK on the report timeout pop-up window.
  • Service-specific imports were still being displayed for inactive services.
  • User was able to attempt to link an alias part to itself.
  • Inventory By Part report was not filtering out archived parts.
  • Date ranges on the Inactive Customers report are now expanded into optional choices to increase clarity.
  • Part Catalog report was overlapping the company address with the boundary line.
  • Various reports displayed missing header and column content when ran for ranges with no data.
  • Column header was out of alignment on the Fulfilled Orders By Customer report.
  • Bundles By Part report now has a "No Data" note if the report is ran for a range with no data.
  • Account mappings were not supporting soft deleted custom list items.

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Hot Fixes

Hot fixes are quick updates made to production outside of the normal release schedule.

11/06/17 Version

  • Broken button on CSV import template download.
  • Purchase order number may now be edited/changed upon creation of the purchase order.

11/08/17 Version

  • Outsourced service expenses coming over as a bill item instead of a journal entry.
  • Report background was not supporting the display option to format as a single page.

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