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Individuals using LOCATE are each assigned a User, which can be configured from the Users module. Note that all new users are automatically assigned to the "All Users" user group, which has a specific set of ACLs] and Permissions which may be adjusted and customized as necessary.

List View

Users can be sorted and filtered by User Name, Email, Site, and Last Modified date. To sort, click the header of the column you wish to sort by. You can filter for users that match specific criteria by typing a value in the text field or selecting an option from the drop-down list. Clicking Clear Filters will clear your search. Any filters that are applied in list view will carry over to the Quick List on the individual profile page.
  • Note that the User Name filter will only match by first name or last name, not first and last name.
Quick Actions
  • Reset Password - Allows you to input a new password for a specific user.
  • Log User Out - This will logout the selected user and require that they sign in again.
  • Delete User - This action cannot be undone from the list view.

Clicking on a specific record takes you to the main Profile Page of that User.

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User Profile Page

The User's name will be the main sub-tab. Here, you will see an overview of the user's details and the sites associated to the user.

View and edit the First and Last Name, Email, and Current Site of the user.
Manage User Sites
You can add or remove Sites that a user belongs to. This will determine which sites they are able to operate from depending on their needs.
  • For example: an employee who operates on the West Coast likely won't need to login from an East Coast site.

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Module Navigation Bar


You can grant or revoke permissions for individual users. These permissions will take precedence over group permissions.

  • For more information about setting permissions for user groups, click here.

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This sub-tab will display the user's recent activity and login history. You may sort and filter records as desired.

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Any custom fields pertaining to sites will reside in this tab. If a custom field is required, it will be necessary to fill out when creating a user. Click the following link to learn more about Custom Fields.

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You can allow other types of user interfaces and assign them to specific users in the Advanced sub-tab.

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The Groups sub-tab of the User Module allows you to view the group(s) a user is assigned to, and quickly add or remove users from a group. For more information about managing user groups, click here.

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  • Reset Password - This may be used to remotely reset a user's password, and is most often used when employees are no longer working for the company.
  • Delete User - This action will remove the record from LOCATE and cannot be undone.

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Create User

  1. Click New User in the upper left corner of the Users Module.
  2. Fields:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Site - Assigning a user to a site determines the inventory that is available and visible to the user.
    • Email - This will serve as the LOCATE username, and must be a valid email address.
    • Password - The password must contain 8 at least characters, and 3 of the following: a lowercase letter, uppercase letter, a number or a special character
    • Password Confirmation - Re-enter the same password.
    • Make Salesperson? - Choose whether or not you would like them to be a salesperson.
    • Create Email Account - Select whether or not to create an email account for this user, with which to send emails from LOCATE.
  3. Click Save.

Once a user has been created, you will want to associate them to user group(s) and review and grant permissions accordingly.

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Reset Password

There are two ways to reset a users' password.

From the List View:

  1. Click Quick Action next to the name of the user.
  2. Select Reset Password.
  3. Type the user's new password into both fields.
  4. Click Update Password.

From the user's Profile Page:

  1. Click the name of the user.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Select Reset Password.
  4. Type the user's new password into both fields.
  5. Click Update Password.

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Manage User Sites

To add a user to a site:

  1. Click the name of the user you wish to add to a site.
  2. Navigate to the Manage User Sites section:
    • Enter the name of the site to which you want to add the user
    • If you do not see the site, you will need to first create the site.
  3. Click Add Site.

The site will be added to the Manage User Sites list, which gives you the option to filter for a specific site.

To remove a user from a site:

  1. Click the name of the user you wish to remove from a site.
  2. Navigate to the Manage User Sites section:
    • Find the name of the site you wish to remove the user from.
    • You can enter the name of the site into the filter at the top of the list to quickly find it.
  3. Click Remove next to the site name.

The site will now be removed from the list and the user will no longer be allowed to operate from that site.

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Delete User

Users may be deleted from the list view under the Quick Action Menu, or:

  1. Navigate to the user you would like to delete.
  2. Click Actions, and select Delete User.
  3. When prompted, click Yes.

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