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Serialized Tracking

Non-Serialized Tracking

Input Types

It's important to consider the field type you choose as it will effect the formatting of the data when used in reports. Reports cannot perform calculations with a text type field, so you may consider a number or integer field.

Text Box
Date Box
Integer Box
Auto Incrementing
Simple Tracking

This is a form of auto-generated tracking which generates a unique low-digit numbers which may be recycled. This tracking type is intended to help run FIFO costing on non-tracked inventory.

For example, if you receive an item on 3 purchase orders and assign values 1, 2 and 3, LOCATE knows that 1 came in first and will assign that item as the one to pick. Once value 1 is consumed, the next oldest value will be next in line to pick. This is similar to restaurants recycling order numbers all day.

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