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Site Details and Reorder Points can be set and managed in the Parts Module. This tab allows you to set site-specific reorder points on a part, last costs, and default locations.

To view all reorder points for a site, navigate to the Inventory Module, view By Site, and click onto the Reorder Points sub-tab.

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Site-Specific Part Settings

Site Details

  • Users may only set a site setting once per part.
Default Location

Setting a default location can not only guide users to the appropriate location, but when turned on, enables the Quick Move feature in the Putaway Module.

Alert Note
  • The alert notes are visible in the Inventory Module within the By Site view on the Reorder Points sub-tab.
Last Cost
  • Whenever a part is ordered or added to your inventory, LOCATE notes the site and cost. The cost is recorded as the last cost for that particular site. This may also be set by manually entering the last cost of a part, or via CSV import. Once the last cost has been set, it cannot be edited.
  • If a last cost exists for a site, the value will be suggested to the user when creating a purchase order for that site.

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Reorder Points

Setting a reorder point enables you to use the Auto Purchase Order feature in LOCATE.

Site-specific Reorder Vendor
  • If the vendor from whom the parts should be reordered is different than the part's default vendor, enter it here.
Reorder when levels reach
  • This is the lowest threshold that the part quantity should reach before being eligible for reorder via the Auto Purchase Order function.
Reorder to qty
  • This is the highest quantity to which the part should be stocked. The Auto Purchase Order function will sum the parts on hand and on order, and will apply the difference in quantity to the purchase order to reach the "Reorder to qty".

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Reorder Point Validation

How a Reorder Point is Checked
The Reorder Level must be less than the total quantities Available for Sale and On Order for the site at which the Auto Purchase Order is ran.
Reorder Point Without a Vendor
If a reorder point is created, but no vendor is set, LOCATE will check for the part's default vendor which is considered the company-wide default vendor. This vendor will be applied to the reorder PO. If neither a site vendor nor default vendor is set, the PO created will not have a vendor applied. The PO will need to be updated and have a vendor set before the PO can be issued.
Parts With the Same Reorder Vendor
If multiple parts are in need of reordering when the Auto Purchase Order check is ran and have the same vendor specified, a single PO will be created with all parts, quantities, and costs. If left in an unissued state and the Auto Purchase Order check is ran again, additional parts needing to be reordered with the same vendor will be added to the previously created PO with that vendor.

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