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The shipping terms module allows you to add or modify the terms by which shipping charges are paid. For example, by the "Recipient" or a "Third Party". These terms are especially important for use with Shipping service integrations to ensure that the correct terms are applied in your shipping software.

List View

Shipping terms may be sorted on Name and Description by clicking the filter heading. You may filter for shipping terms that match specific criteria by typing a value in the text field or selecting an option from the drop-down list. Clicking the Clear Filters button will clear your search. Any filters that are applied in list view will carry over to the List Navigator on the profile page.
Quick Action
  • Delete Shipping Term - Remove the shipping term record from the list view and archive the record in LOCATE. This action cannot be undone from the list view.

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Shipping Term Profile Page

The name of the shipping term will be the title of the page, and all details will be displayed below.

Name and Description
  • View and edit the name and description for the shipping term.
  • Note that the shipping term should exist in LOCATE in order to communicate with any shipping integrations.
  • This field maps to a specific set of items to ensure that the correct parties are paying for the shipping. This is particularly important when communicating with shipping integrations.
    • Sender
    • Recipient
    • Third Party
    • Collect

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Module Navigation Bar


The shipping term will be the name of the main sub-tab. Here, you will can view the name and description of the shipping term. Click Edit Details to modify information.

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  • Delete Shipping Term - Removes the shipping term from the list view and archives the record in LOCATE. This action cannot be undone from the list view.

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Create Shipping Term

  1. Click the New Shipping Term button at the top left of the shipping terms module.
  2. Fields:
    • Shipping Term Name - Enter the name of the shipping term.
    • Description - This field is optional.
    • Meaning - Select the meaning of the shipping term.
  3. Click Save.
    • If you are creating multiple shipping terms, click Save And New to save the current record and be redirected to a fresh create screen.

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Delete Shipping Term

Shipping Terms may be deleted from the list view under the Quick Action Menu, or:

  1. Navigate to the shipping term you would like to delete.
  2. Click Actions, and select Delete Shipping Term.
  3. When prompted, click Yes.

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