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To integrate e-Commerce platforms, file storage, payment processing and other types of software, you will need to create a service in LOCATE. Please note that you must have an active account with the third party provider in order to integrate with your LOCATE instance.

Service Type

LOCATE supports the following types of service integrations (services):

QuickBooks Desktop Zoho 3dcart SPS Commerce Dropbox Authorize.Net Google Cloud Print JasperReports Server Endicia Taxify Default UI
QuickBooks Online - BigCommerce - FTP Paypal - PrintNode FedEx Ship Manager - -
- - Magento - Simple Storage Service(S3) Stripe - - Shippo - -
- - Magento 2.0 - - - - - ShipStation - -
- - SellBrite - - - - - UPS Worldship - -
- - Shopify - - - - - - - -
- - WooCommerce - - - - - - - -

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Service List View


Services can be sorted on Name, Service Offering, Service Type, Service Provider, Status, and Last Sync by clicking the filter heading. You can filter for services that match specific criteria by typing a value in the text field or selecting an option from the drop-down list. Clicking the Clear Filters button will clear your search. Any filters that are applied in list view will carry over to the List Navigator on the Profile Page.

Quick Action
  • Sync Service - Manually trigger communication between LOCATE and the software to which it is integrated.
  • Delete Service - Removes the service from the list view and deactivates any connection associated.

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Service Profile Page

The service name will be the title of the profile page. Here you can view the service type, service provider, and service settings.

The name of the service will appear here and may be edited at any time.
Service Type
The service type indicates the category of service integration. For more information about the service types in LOCATE, click here.
The specific software integration or service provider will be listed here.
Here you may select a default provider for a specific service type. For example, if you have integrations with 3dcart, Magento, and Shopify, you may choose to list 3dcart as the default. Note that you cannot remove a default selection, you are only able to make another service the default. If a service flagged as the default is deleted, LOCATE will automatically apply the default status to another service of the same type, if it exists.
Log Level
The sync activity of the service will be recorded on the log, and you may set the log level to control the frequency and quantity of information recorded.
  • Debug - This is the lowest level of error recording in LOCATE and assists with identifying simple sync errors.
  • Info
  • Notice - The Notice level is default for services and displays high level alerts.
  • Warning
  • Error - This is the highest level available in LOCATE and will provide you with the most detail logged for each activity that occurs in the sync.
Last Sync
The date and time the service was last synced will display here.
Last Sync Result
Here you may quickly view the result the last time the service synced:
  • Success
  • Failed
  • Not Available - This indicates that the log for the service has been cleared, therefor there is no point of reference to determine the last sync result.
  • Never Synced
Service Statuses
  • Active - the service connection is running live and is available to sync.
  • Inactive - the service connection is turned off. You cannot sync an inactive service manually or via the scheduler.
  • Connect - this indicates that the service is not running live and either hasn't been connected or needs to be reconnected.

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Module Navigation Bar



The name of the company that provides and supports the third-party software that is being integrated into LOCATE.

Service Settings

This is a list of all available settings that can be managed for the service.

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This sub-tab allow you to upload and download any pertinent documents you wish to associate with a service. For example, a PDF copy of the printer manual for reference. See our Documents page for instructions on how to upload and download documents in LOCATE.

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You can manage the Access Control List (ACL) for individual services. For more information about modifying ACLs, please continue here.

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The log sub-tab will display the sync history for the service.

  • Click into Log Details to view any error messages for a particular sync. To copy the full stack trace of the error message, click Copy in the Log Details window.

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This sub-tab allows you to manage the notification settings for a specific service integration record.

  • For more information about notifications in LOCATE, continue here.

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You can schedule select services to sync at the interval of your choosing in LOCATE. For more information about syncing and suggested schedules, continue here.

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Create Service

  1. Click New Service
  2. Fields:
    • Service Type - Select the service type you would like to create.
    • Service Offering - Select the specific service offering for the service type you're creating.
    • Service Name - Enter in the name of the service.
  3. Click Save

Once the service has been created, you will need to setup the integration and connect the service based on the service type.

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Sync Service

LOCATE Services run in real time. Services are synced during initial setup, as a "clean-up" action to ensure that all information matches, and/or as an Import/Export action. Syncing may be set to run automatically at defined intervals.

  1. Navigate to the profile page of the service.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click Sync.

Some service integrations will display a progress bar to indicate the status of the sync.

Default UI N/A -
Endicia Clean Up Every 6 Hours
FedEx Ship Manager Clean Up Every 6 Hours
Google Cloud Print Initial Setup N/A
JasperReports Server N/A -
Magento Clean Up Every 2-4 Hours
QuickBooks Desktop N/A -
QuickBooks Online Import/Export Data User's Discretion
Simple Storage Service(S3) N/A -
Taxify Update Tax Codes Manually (or) Once Per Day
UPS Worldship Clean Up Every 6 Hours

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Schedule Sync

  1. Navigate to the profile page of the service.
  2. Click on the Schedule tab.
  3. Click Add Scheduled Sync.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • Every - Select the unit of measure at which you would like the interval to occur. Each option will prompt you for the appropriate settings.
    1. Minute - This setting will run at a minimum of every 10 minutes. Due to limitations of the schedule plugin, we cannot modify or remove this option.
    2. Hour - You have the option to say at which 5-minute mark you would like the hour to start.
    3. Day - Select the hour and minute that you would like the daily sync to occur. Note that the time is in the 24-hour format.
    4. Week - Select the day of the week, hour and minute that you would like the sync to occur.
    5. Month - Select the day of the month, hour and minute that you would like the sync to occur.
    6. Year - Select the day, month, hour and minute that you would like the syn to occur.
  5. Click Add.

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Deactivate Service

Deactivating a service will turn off any active communication between the service and LOCATE. The service will still be listed in LOCATE and any applicable settings will remain for reference. A service that has been made inactive cannot be synced manually.

  1. Navigate to the service profile page.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click Deactivate Service.

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Delete Service

Deleting a service will remove the service from the list, as well as any settings or history of the service in LOCATE. Services may be deleted from the list view under the Quick Action Menu, or:

  1. Navigate to the service you would like to delete.
  2. Click Actions, and select Delete Service.
  3. When prompted, click Yes.

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