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Pricing rules are used to automatically assign pricing when specified conditions have been met. For example, if you want a specific customer to automatically receive a discount for buying a particular part, that rule may be created here in the Pricing Rules module.

List View


Pricing rules may be sorted on Name, Rule Type, Active status, or Description by clicking the filter heading. You may filter for pricing rules that match specific criteria by typing a value in the text field or selecting an option from the drop-down list. Clicking the Clear Filters button will clear your search. Any filters that are applied in list view will carry over to the List Navigator on the profile page.

Quick Action
  • Delete Pricing Rule - Remove the pricing rule from the list view and archive the record in LOCATE. This action cannot be undone from the list view.

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Pricing Rule Profile Page

The pricing rules details will be the main sub-tab. Here you may view and edit the parameters for the pricing rule.

Name and Description
  • View and edit the name and description of the pricing rule.
Active Status
  • The active status will determine whether or not the pricing rule may be used.
Rule Type
  • Customer Pricing - If the pricing rule is related to customers or sales, use the customer pricing type.
  • Vendor Pricing - If the pricing rule is related to vendors or purchases, use the vendor pricing type.
Start and End Dates
  • A start and end date may be specified to apply time constraints around the use of the pricing rule.
  • Note that the Active status will not change visibly, however if the sale falls outside of the start and end date period, the pricing rule will not apply to the order.
Rule Actions
  • The rule actions specify what changes will take place to a part when the conditions of the rule are met.
Rule Conditions
  • The conditions determine what information must be true to perform the rule actions.

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Module Navigation Bar


Here you may view and edit the details of the pricing rule, as well as the action and condition(s).

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  • Clone Pricing Rule - Creates a new pricing rule with the same information and setup as the current pricing rule.
  • Delete Pricing Rule- Removes the pricing rule from the list view and archives the record in LOCATE. This action cannot be undone from the list view.

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Create Pricing Rule

  1. Navigate to the Pricing Rules Module and click New Pricing Rule.
  2. Fields:
    • Rule Name - Enter the name of the pricing rule. This name does not have to be unique.
    • Description - Enter a description, if desired.
    • Rule Type - Select the type of rule you would like to use. This selection will determine which actions and conditions are available.
    • Start Date and End Date - If the pricing rule has a time restriction, enter it here.
  3. Click Save.

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Add Action

The pricing rule action specifies what effect the pricing rule has and on which object. You may add multiple actions to a pricing rule.

  1. Navigate to the pricing rule profile page and click Add Action.
  2. Fields:
    • Starting Price - Choose the price item that should be effected by the pricing rule.
    • Adjustment - Select the type of adjustment to make.
      • Percent Discount or Percent Markup - Enter a percentage by which to decrease or increase the price of the item.
      • Add Set Amount or Subtract Set Amount - Enter a fixed amount by which to increase or decrease the price of the item.
      • Fixed Price - This will override the price of the item on the order with the value entered on the pricing rule.
    • Amount - Enter the percentage value or amount, depending on the Adjustment selected.
  3. Click Save and Close.

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Add Condition

Pricing rules are automatically applied if all of the chosen conditions are met. If no conditions are set on a pricing rule, it will apply to all parts.

  1. Navigate to the fee profile page.
  2. Click Add Condition.
  3. Fields:
    • Parameter - Select the parameter category. (Ex: Part). Note that this field is unnamed in LOCATE, and the selection changes based on the pricing rule type selected (customer/sales vs vendor/purchase orders, etc.)
    • Applied action - Choose the specific parameter. (Ex: Part ABC, or Customer Bob).
  4. Click Save And Close.

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Advanced Condition

  1. Navigate to the pricing rule profile page.
  2. Click Add Condition.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Fields:
    • Field A - Choose the starting field.
    • Comparison Operator - Select the type of comparison to make.
    • Field B (Static Value) or Field B(Dynamic Field) - Enter the data to which Field A should be compared. You may either enter a constant value (Ex: 10), or choose a dynamic field from LOCATE for which the value may differ (Ex: Part Price).

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Clone Pricing Rule

Pricing rules may be cloned to quickly make various iterations of the rule. This is particularly helpful if you're using the advanced features.

  1. Navigate to the pricing rule profile page.
  2. Click the Actions menu and select Clone Pricing Rule.
  3. Enter a new name for the pricing rule.
    • If a name is not entered, LOCATE will automatically append and incremented suffix such as "_2".
  4. Click Clone.

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Delete Pricing Rule

Pricing rules may be deleted from the list view under the Quick Action Menu, or:

  1. Navigate to the pricing rule you would like to delete.
  2. Click Actions, and select Delete Pricing Rule.
  3. When prompted, click Yes.

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