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LOCATE Warehouse Mobile Application


The Receiving module will provide you with a list of items that were previously received, as well as those which are ready to receive.

List View

The list view of the Receiving module will show previously created receipts. Within the list view, you may click Inbound Inventory to see all items ready to be received.

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Receipt Detail View

Here, you may view the items that need to be received.

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Create Receipt

Receipts may be created from the Receiving module.

From the Receiving Module

  1. Use the Search to find the order for which you would like to create a receipt.
  2. Click on the appropriate order line in order to create the receipt.

You will be redirected to the receipt in the Receiving module. Now you may proceed with finishing the receipt.

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Finish Receipt

Once items are received into the warehouse, you will need to finish the receipt on the Mobile App.

  • You may click Finish for each line item to prevent further editing, or click Finish Receipt to finish all lines at once.
  • Note, to finish a single line, slide the item to the left and click the checkbox.

Now that the receipt has been completed, you may proceed to the Putaway module in LOCATE to place the inventory in the appropriate location(s).

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