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LOCATE Warehouse Mobile Application


Picking is the process of finding and physically pulling inventory from its location to fulfill an order.


The pick settings may be found in the Picking Module and are represented by a gear icon, similar to LOCATE's UI.

  • Click the gear icon on the bottom of the mobile screen to take you to the settings menu.
  • Use the toggle on the right of each setting to turn on/off.
Enable Commit Threshold
The commit threshold allows you to determine the quantity a pick must be to be prompted to enter a number to commit. Traditionally, scanning an item would automatically commit a quantity of one. However, this can be cumbersome if you are picking a large quantity of an item. For example, if you set the threshold to 10, and you scan an item with a total pick quantity of 15, the application will prompt you to type in the quantity to commit instead of scanning all 15 individually.

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List View

The list view of the Picking module will show previously created picks and their statuses. Please note that only picks listed as In Progress and Not Started will show in the Mobile App.

  • To hide picks that are already in progress, click on the "..." on the bottom of the mobile screen and select Hide In Progress Picks.

Clicking on a specific record takes you to the detail view for the pick.

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Create Pick

There are multiple ways to create picks in LOCATE to optimize your workflow. For companies that institute wave picks, picks may be generated based on parts and allows pickers to be as efficient as possible when covering a warehouse. Pick plans may also be generated to allocate inventory for optimal order fulfillment or to fulfill orders based on a customer. Please note that Picks on the Mobile App can only be created by order.

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From Order

This sub-tab displays a list of items ready to pick by order, which is the most common pick method.

  1. Use the search feature or scroll to find the order for which you would like to create a pick.
  2. Click Create Pick.
  3. Click Go To Pick.
  4. Now you may generate a pick plan, commit the pick, or finish the pick.

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Generate Plan

This action will find organize the pick according to the pick plan configured in the Settings menu. This facilitates more efficient picking based on your company's needs.

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Finish Pick

Once all of the items to be picked have been committed, the user will finish the pick. Committed items will proceed to the packing stage, and any lines that have not been committed will return to the picking queue.

  1. Navigate to the pick detail view.
    • Click Finish in the top right corner of the Mobile App.

Now the items that have been picked are sent to the Packing module to prepare for shipment.

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Delete Pick

Picks can not be deleted on the Mobile App. To learn how to delete a pick in LOCATE, please click here
Picks that have been finished may not be deleted.

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