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LOCATE Warehouse Mobile Application


Once an item is picked and tied to an order it must be packaged for shipment. If the item is prepacked and ready to be shipped from the shelf, see the Settings page to learn how packs may be auto-completed.

List View

The list view of the Packing module will show previously created packs. See below for how to create a pack. Please note that only New or In Progress packs are displayed on the Mobile App.

Clicking on a specific record takes you to directly to the selected pack and lists the cartons within that pack.


To adjust settings for the Packing Module, click the gear icon on the bottom of the mobile screen to take you to the Packing settings menu.

  • Use the toggle on the right of each setting to turn on/off.

Create Pack

Packs may be created from the list view of the Packing module, similar to the UI.

From Packing Module

  1. Navigate to the list view of the Packing module.
  2. Click New Pack in the upper left.
    • This will redirect you to a list of orders that are ready to be packed. The pack location will be set to the company default location unless the Select Pack Location setting is turned on.

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Pack Status

In Progress
  • This is the initial pack status, and will remain in effect until the whole pack has been completed.
  • Pack is finished and ready to ship.
  • The pack will no longer allow the user to finish the pack. Voiding the pack returns all items to the pick location and maintains a record of the created pack. A new pack will need to be created to complete shipping the items.

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Cartons in LOCATE are analogous to the physical cartons in a warehouse. They may have dimensions, carriers, and tracking numbers associated to them. Each carton also has the option to add a label for reference.

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Edit Carton

Carton details cannot be edited on the Mobile App. If you need to edit carton details, this must be done in LOCATE. Please click here to see how.

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Add Carton

  1. Scroll down to the cartons in the pack.
  2. Click Add Carton.
  3. Select carton type you would like to add to the pack.
    • Note: if a part is pre-packed, a carton will automatically be added to the pack.
  4. Tap on the carton to add it to the pack.

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Move Part to New Carton

  1. Scroll down to the cartons in the pack.
  2. Tap into a carton that you would like to move a part to.
  3. Click Add Items to view all parts that need to be packed and select which part you would like to move.
    • Enter the Qty To Move.
  4. Click Pack Items.

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Add Packlines

Packlines are used to combine items from orders that are for the same customer, with the same Ship To address, and are being fulfilled out of the same site. This must be done in LOCATE and is not allowed on the Mobile App.

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Finish Pack

Once all of the cartons are completed, click Finish Pack in the upper right corner of the mobile screen. This will lock all cartons and complete the pack.

The items are now ready for shipping in LOCATE.

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