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Cycle counting is the process of periodically counting items to ensure inventory levels are accurate. For an overview, please go to the Cycle Count page.

Create Cycle Count

Note that a cycle count cannot be created in the Mobile App and must be created in LOCATE before they will appear in the Mobile App.

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Perform Cycle Count

Once the cycle count has been created, the assigned user will need to enter and submit the quantities counted. This is the same process as within LOCATE.

If there were any variances in the quantities expected and quantities counted, the status of the cycle count will change to Review in LOCATE, and the parts with discrepancies will be listed there on the Review sub-tab.

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Review Cycle Count

Cycle Counts may only be reviewed in LOCATE, not on the Mobile App. If there were discrepancies between the quantities expected and quantities counted for parts on a cycle count, they will be listed on the Review sub-tab in LOCATE for examination and resolution.

For information about each action, click here.

Once all items have been resolved, the cycle count status will change to complete in LOCATE and drop off of the Cycle Count list on the Mobile App.

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