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The Invoices Module in LOCATE allows you to easily manage and send invoices directly from LOCATE.

List View

Invoices may be sorted on Invoice Number, Invoice Type, Sales Order Number, Customer, Customer PO Number, Status, Invoice Method, and Date Created by clicking the filter heading. You may filter for invoices that match specific criteria by typing a value in the text field or selecting an option from the drop-down list. Clicking the Clear Filters button will clear your search. Any filters that are applied in list view will carry over to the List Navigator in the detail view.

Clicking on a specific invoice number record takes you to the detail view for that sales order.

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Invoice Detail View

The invoice number will be the title of the detail view and the Details tab is the main sub-tab. Here, you may view the original sales order, invoice method and type, customer, customer purchase order number, salesperson, important dates, and line items associated with the invoice. You may edit this information before the invoice is issued by simply clicking Edit Details. The badge at the top right of the module navigation bar will indicate the invoice status. See the Order Statuses page for more information on how statuses are used to manage invoices.

Sales Order
  • The sales order number will be hyperlinked for quick reference.
Invoice Method and Type
  • The invoice method determines at what point an invoice is generated and issued during the fulfillment process. Continue here for more information about
  • Contin
Customer Details
Payment Terms
  • If the sales order has a payment term applied, the payment term will be applied to the resulting invoice and the due date will be calculated based on that payment term.
  • The salesperson name will be hyperlinked here.
Invoice Dates
  • The created date refers to when the invoice was generated and saved. This is determined by the invoice method.
  • The issued date will populate when the sales order is issued.
  • These dates cannot be modified.
Line Items
  • View the line type, part number, part name, alias part, scheduled fulfillment, expected delivery, site, quantity, price, MSRP and line total for each line item.
  • For more information on line items please visit the Line Items main page.
  • Below the line items, you may also view the order total, including taxes and any discounts.

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Module Navigation Bar


  • View and edit all order information for the invoice.
  • The associated sales order will be hyperlinked for quick reference.
  • Only the Customer PO Number, Send Date and Memo may be changed after the invoice has been issued.
Invoice Method

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View and edit notes pertaining to the invoice.

  • Notes are for internal use only and will not be displayed on order documents.
  • Entered notes may be filtered or sorted.
  • You may also modify a specific note by clicking the Edit or Delete button.
Enter a New Note
  1. Type the note in the text box with "Start typing a new note..." prompt.
  2. Click Save Note.
  • There is no character limit, however special formatting is not supported.

Use the memo field on the Details sub-tab for special instructions that you would like to be visible to the customer.

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This sub-tab allows you to upload and download any pertinent documents you wish to associate with an invoice. For example, a PDF copy of the customer's purchase order for reference. See our Documents page for instructions on how to upload and download documents in LOCATE.

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If the invoice is in an Unissued or Issued status, you may view payments associated to the invoice here. If the invoice status is Awaiting Payment, you may apply a payment directly on the invoice.

  • To configure payment types, see the Settings page.
  • For more information about recording and taking payment in LOCATE, continue here.

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The Ledger sub-tab gives you a look at the accounting transactions associated to that specific record.

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Any reports associated to the Invoices module will appear in this sub-tab.

  • For more information on associating reports, continue here.

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Any custom fields pertaining to an invoice will reside in this tab. If a custom field is required, it will be necessary to fill out when creating an invoice.

  • To learn more about custom fields, continue here.

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  • Prepay Invoice - This option is available for unissued invoices and will allow you to flag the invoice for prepayment. Continue here for more information.
  • Send Email - Quickly send an email to a customer or another user regarding the invoice, without leaving the screen you are working on.
  • Unissue Invoice - Unissue the invoice to make it available for editing.
  • Audit - View the history of modifications made to the sales order record, including the user who made the modification and when.

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Prepay Invoice

The Prepay action allows you to delay issuance of the invoice and use Pass Thru Shipping to apply the shipping costs from the cartons onto the invoice. Once the invoice has been paid in full, it will be automatically issued and the status will change to Paid.

Important Note - Pass Thru Shipping must be selected on the sales order before it is issued to allow for the application of shipping charges onto the invoice.

  1. If you are not using a shipping service integration, you may manually apply shipping costs to the cartons once the shipment has been created:
    • Navigate to the appropriate shipment for the order and click Set Carton Details.
    • Shipping Cost - Enter the shipping cost and click Submit.
  2. If you are using a shipping service integration, the shipping costs will be automatically applied to the cartons upon sync.
  3. Next, navigate to the invoice for the order.
  4. Click the Actions menu and select Prepay.
    • The invoice status should now change to Awaiting Payment, and a shipping part will be added with the sum of the cartons. (You may need to refresh).
  5. You may now choose to either take payment on the invoice, or complete the pickup.
  6. Once the payment has been made in full, the invoice will automatically issue and the status will change to Paid.

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Create Invoice

Invoices are created automatically in LOCATE, based on the option chosen on the sales order:

  • By Pack
  • By Ship
  • By Customer (Monthly)
  • By Order
  • By Pack Carton
  • By Ship Carton

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Issue/Unissue Invoice

Invoices are automatically issued upon pickup of the order. If an order has been prepaid it will remain in the "Awaiting Payment" status until payment has been made in full and then the status will change to Paid.

Invoices may only be unissued if they were flagged for prepay.

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