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A configurable part is made up of two or more inventory parts, and provide the option to substitute or add more parts to customize the order. Ex: a skateboard has different colored wheels and different deck lengths.

Create Configurable Part

  1. Navigate to the Parts Module and click New (+) Part.
  2. Fields
    • Part Type - Select Inventory - Configurable from the drop-down menu.
    • Number - Enter a part number, or leave blank to auto-generate.
    • Name - Enter the name of the part.
    • Description - This is optional.
    • Light Manufactured? - If the part is assembled from the child components prior to shipping, it is light manufactured.
    • Attribute Set - If the part has certain characteristics such as color or length, associate them by selecting an attribute set. If the attribute set does not already exist, use the plus (+) sign to create a new attribute set. For more information about attribute sets, continue here.
    • Custom Fields - The available custom fields will be unique to your setup. For more information about custom fields in LOCATE, continue here.
  3. Click Save.
    • If you are creating multiple new parts, click Save and New to be redirected to a fresh part create screen.

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Manage Configurable Components

Create Component

  1. Navigate to the configurable part profile page and click onto the Components tab.
  2. Fields
    • Name - Enter the name of the component.
    • Qty - If there is a fixed quantity of the component, enter it here.
    • Min Qty and Max Qty - If there is a range for the quantity of the component, enter it here.
    • Allow Price Override - This will determine whether or not the cost of the individual component may be changed when added to a sales order.
    • Required - This will determine whether or not the individual component is required to create the configurable part.
    • Inherit Part Pricing - If the component price is dependent on the part select to fulfill the component, you may establish here that it will inherit part pricing.
    • Flatten Cost - This will determine whether or not the cost of this component should be distributed to the other components when the configurable is deconstructed.
    • Unit Price - If the component does not inherit the part pricing, enter the price here.
  3. Click Add New Component.

The component will appear listed on the right-hand side, and may be reorganized with the up and down arrows.

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Associate Parts to Component

Once a component has been created, you may update details and/or add parts to the component. Adding parts to the component will determine which parts are available to be added to the sales order.

  1. Click the component name on the right-hand side, and scroll down to the component section.
  2. Click Add Parts.
    • Type - Select the Type of part and enter the appropriate item.
      • Part - Choose a single part to add as eligible to fulfill the component.
      • Attribute Set - Adding an attribute set will make all of the parts associated to the attribute available to choose from to fulfill the component.
      • Group - Adding a group will make all of the parts associated to the part group available to choose from to fulfill the component.
    • Price Adjustment - If the selection of a particular part should adjust the price of the component, specify that here.
    • Click Save.

Now, when you add a configurable part to a sales order, you will be able to select the appropriate parts for each component to satisfy the configurable part.

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Manage Children Parts

The selected outcome of a configurable part is a bundle, which is referred to as a child part to the configurable part. These children parts may be built at the time of sale in the Sales Orders Module, or ahead of time.

Build To Stock

With the Build To Stock action, you may pre-assemble child bundles for quick sale.

  1. Navigate to the configurable part which you would like to build.
  2. Open the Actions menu and select Build To Stock.
  3. Fields
    • Qty to Build - Enter the number of bundles to build.
    • Location to Stock Build - Select the location at which these bundles will be stored in the warehouse.
    • Components - Check the boxes next to the components to include, as well as the component option.
    • Click Build.
  4. You will be redirected to a Work Order Pick wizard.
  5. Enter the quantity and location from which you would like to pick the component options, and click Commit.
  6. Click Finish Pick.
  7. Click Close.

Now you will see the child bundle as well as the quantities on hand, available for sale and available for pick.

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