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A bundle is a static group of two or more inventory parts, or bundle items. The bundle items may not be substituted. There are two types of bundles available in LOCATE:

Light Manufactured Bundle

The key characteristic of a light manufactured bundle is that you may disassemble or deconstruct the bundle to sell the components individually. When building a light-manufactured bundle, the individual parts are consumed during creation and the price of the part is applied to the parent part (finished bundle). The costs of the component items is rolled up into the parent part. When the bundle is deconstructed, the costs spread back out into the component parts.

Non-Light Manufactured Bundle

Non-light manufactured bundles are an easy way to group parts which are frequently sold together, and are commonly referred to as kits. The component parts retain their costs and are priced individually. This allows you to sell the parts themselves, and therefore keep inventory, as well as ship the parts in separate cartons. The price of the components will roll up into the price of the parent part (finished bundle).

Create Bundle Part

  1. Navigate to the Parts Module and click New (+) Part.
  2. Fields
    • Part Type - Select Inventory - Bundle from the drop-down menu.
    • Number - Enter a part number, or leave blank to auto-generate.
    • Name - Enter the name of the part.
    • Description - This is optional.
    • Sale Price - Enter the unit price for this part.
    • Stocking UOM - Select the appropriate unit of measure for this part. For more information about managing units of measure, continue here. Note, light manufactured bundles can only use a Count type UOM.
    • Light Manufactured? - Here you may specify whether the bundle is static (non-light manufactured), or if the bundle has options (light-manufactured).
    • Attribute Set - If the part has certain characteristics such as color or length, associate them by selecting an attribute set. If the attribute set does not already exist, use the plus (+) sign to create a new attribute set. For more information about attribute sets, continue here.
    • Custom Fields - The available custom fields will be unique to your setup. For more information about custom fields in LOCATE, continue here.
  3. Click Save.
    • If you are creating multiple new parts, click Save and New to be redirected to a fresh part create screen.

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Manage Bundle Items

Once the part has been created, you may add and manage bundle items on the Bundle sub-tab.

  1. Navigate to the bundled part, and click onto the Bundle sub-tab.
  2. Enter the part and quantity for each item that is to be included in the bundle.
  3. Click Add Bundle Item.

The items will be displayed in a list below.

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