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LOCATE Warehouse Mobile Application


The mobile warehouse application allows you to put the power of LOCATE in the palm of your hand, increasing your warehouse efficiency.


The LOCATE Warehouse mobile application is available for iOS and Android devices:

iOS Download
Android Download

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Scanning with the mobile application may be done through the device's camera (if available), or via a bluetooth scanner. Use of a bluetooth scanner will require setup on the part of the user and will need to be synced to the device they intend to use.

Scan To Search

You may scan various barcodes to perform a quick search in LOCATE. Note that scanning a barcode does not guarantee that the barcode is a unique identifier. If the item scanned contains enough information to product a specific item, the application will automatically bring up that item. For example, scanning a part number (which is unique) will bring up that part. However, if there are more than one items that match, you will receive a list of possibilities. Scanning a location such as "Stock" when "Stock 1", "Stock 2" etc. exist, will bring up a list of all locations which contain the word "Stock".

Similarly, different part numbers may use the same serial number, so scanning a serial number does not guarantee that the search will only pull a single result.

Note: Some scanners will prompt users to click "Go" after each scan. If your scanner allow, you may enable a setting to send a carriage return (Enter) at the end of each scan. This will prevent the system from prompting to click "Go".

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To adjust settings on the Mobile App, click on the top left corner of the home screen and select Settings from the drop-down.

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