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The email functionality in LOCATE allows users to communicate with individuals such as customers and vendors without interrupting workflow. Emails may be sent from the order type modules, including quotes, sales orders, transfer orders, return orders and purchase orders modules.

Set Up

In order to email through LOCATE, you must first create an email account. Continue here for more information about managing email accounts.

You may also create email templates for more efficient correspondence. Continue here for more information about managing email templates.

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Sending Email

  1. Navigate to the order you wish to send an email from.
  2. Click Actions and select Send Email.
  3. Fields:
    • Template - This field is optional. If you have setup an email template, you may select it here to automatically populate the rest of the email fields.
      • Click here for more information about email templates.
    • From - Select the email address from which you would like to send the email.
    • To - Select the address to whom you would like to send the email, or enter it manually in the Add Emails field.
      • The list will automatically display the email addresses associated with the vendor or customer.
    • Subject - Enter an email subject line.
    • Body - Fill in the body of the email and format as desired.
    • Attachments - If you would like to add any additional attachments, you may do so.
  4. Click Send.

You can check the email status in the Email Accounts & Log Module.

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Email Events

You may configure LOCATE to automatically send emails based on certain events, such as issuing a sales order. This may be done through the Email Templates module in the Setup Menu. Click here for more information on how to setup email events.

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