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Drop shipping is a common practice where a company sells an item and has the vendor ship the item directly to the customer.

Drop Ship Types

The Drop Ship Type determines the drop ship behavior of the part.

  1. Always Drop Ship - When added to a sales order, a part with this option will automatically change to a drop ship line item.
  2. Drop Ship When Short - If this part is added to a sales order there is insufficient inventory to fulfill the line item, the part will automatically change to a drop ship type line.
  3. Never Drop Ship - This prevents the item from being drop shipped. By default, every part is set to Never Drop Ship when it is created.
  4. Optionally Drop Ship - The item's drop ship status may be manually changed when added to an order. Use this option if you both keep stock of the part and drop ship it.
Eligible parts

The following part types may be drop shipped:

  1. Alias
  2. Inventory
  3. Inventory - Bundles (Only light-manufactured)
  4. Non-Inventory

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Drop Ship Part Setup

Parts must have the appropriate part settings applied in the Parts Module to be added to an order a drop ship type.

  1. Navigate to the profile page of part you wish to configure as a drop ship.
  2. Click onto the Details sub-tab and click Edit Part.
  3. Complete the following fields:
    • Drop Ship Type - Select the desired drop ship behavior of the part.
    • Drop Ship Vendor - Select the vendor that the part is drop shipped from.
  4. Click Save.

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Drop Ship Sales Order

Drop ship orders begin in the Sales Order Module and trigger creation of a purchase order for the vendor to fulfill.

Create Drop Ship Sales Order
  1. Navigate to the Sales Orders Module and create a sales order.
    • You have the option to create a Drop Ship type sales order. This feature allows you to populate your shipping software label with the Shipping Attention field, rather than the Customer Name.
  2. Add the part to the order.
    • If the part is set to "Always Drop Ship" it will automatically be flagged as a Drop Ship line type
    • If the part is set to "Optionally Drop Ship" open the Edit drop-down menu, and select Drop Ship.
  3. When the sales order is complete, it may be issued.
    • Important Note: This will create unissued purchase order(s) for the drop ship item(s). If there are multiple drop ship vendors on the sales order, multiple purchase orders will be created. At this time there is no way to edit or adjust the sales order, purchase order and invoice once the drop ship sales order is issued so we suggest confirming inventory availability with your vendor to guarantee that they are able to ship the full order.
Issue Drop Ship Purchase Order
  1. Click the purchase order hyperlink on the drop ship line to navigate directly to the new purchase order.
  2. You may add any shipping line items, as desired.
  3. When the purchase order is ready, it may be issued.
Confirm Vendor Receipt
  1. Once the vendor has confirmed receipt of the order, you may start Drop Ship Confirmation.
  2. On the profile page of the purchase order click onto the Drop Ship Confirmation sub-tab.
  3. Select the appropriate items and click Confirm.
  4. Once the vendor has confirmed that the order has been shipped, you may finish the confirmation by clicking Finish.
    • Finishing the vendor confirmation will change the sales order status to complete and issue the invoice to the customer.

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