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Account statistics are displayed on the profile page of records in the Customers, Vendors, and Salespeople Modules. The statistics are meant to give a general overview of what is happening with a given account, and cannot be directly modified.

Each customer account displays information about its Quotes, Orders, and Top (frequently purchased) Parts.
Each vendor account displays information about its Orders and Top (frequently purchased) Parts.
Each salesperson account displays information about its Quotes, Orders, and Top Selling Parts. The salesperson field in the quote or order must be associated with the selected salesperson to count toward their statistics.

Quote and Order Statistics

The quote and order statistics are distributed by order status and display the quantity of orders, total value, and percentage of overall orders.

  • To learn more about order statuses, continue here.
  • You may quickly view all quotes and orders by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the section. This will redirect you to the Orders-sub tab in the module.

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Top Parts

This section will display a customer's or vendor's most frequently purchased part, and a salesperson's most frequently sold part.

  • This information is calculated by quantity purchased, not price.
  • The top five parts and quantities are displayed for customers and vendors.
  • Salespeople will display the top ten parts and quantities.

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